I have questions about what is to be a forum moderators (Also, an appreciation topic)

After reading a lot of topic about how many players are bored of Gears 5, I was thinking how and when a forum moderator “retires” of being one and how a new moderator takes the place.

Even when I’m a community veteran, I know nothing about how the forum mods were chosen (Maybe was a 1 vs 1 Gnasher duel between the candidates? Those who had a lot of patience? The one who can eat more pizza slices on a limited time?).

Joke aside, I wanted to know how and why. For me it would be much time wasted and I have patience, but now Gears POP! lowered my patience meter a lot xD

I appreciate your job, it’s voluntary and you keep this forum in line with the rules, so thanks :slight_smile: :+1:t2:


See Highlander for a good reference point :stuck_out_tongue:

In 2016 a call was made for forum moderators, a process was created where users could fill out an application form, and the community management team combed through the candidates without knowing their Gamertags initially, then when the numbers had been whittled down to a shortlist they looked at the tags and selected a few people.

I can’t speak to the process before or after that. I know there wasn’t a similar thing done when this particular forum was created, so I am unsure how moderators after me were selected/vetted.

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The only thing that I know about Highlander is that he is immortal and that’s all xD (I saw many ads about the series while I waited for Dragon Ball back in the day). Is Highlander a good serie?

I forgot to ask you last time if you know Spanish because of that Rammstein’s song

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First movie was good, the rest are trash. Haven’t seen the anime adapatation admittedly.

The TV series and TV series spinoff were trash.

My wife is semi-fluent in Spanish so I have picked up a bit. She used Duolingo for it, while i used the same site/app for German :slight_smile:

Someday I’ll watch Highlander but only the movie, thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

And good luck learning German :+1:t2:

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