I have problems with the emblems!

Sorry, bad english: I have been playing since season 0 in gears of war 4, since those days I have never obtained my diamond emblem, Diamond weapons I have them but never the emblem, I do not even see my classifications in the past seasons, it only appears as If I had never played or a lower rank, any help?

p.d: from season 0 to 2 I obtained diamond rank in the following playlists: Escalation, Guardian, Team Deathmatch, Arms race, dodgeball


The website will show an unranked picture for all Diamond ranks you achieved in seasons 0-2. This is because the Diamond picture is outdated from those seasons and now there are 5 Diamond ranks instead of just 1.

As for you not getting the Diamond emblem, you only get that if you were Diamond in season 0. No other seasons matter. If you’re sure you were Diamond in season 0, you can keep asking for help.

Lets be realistic here, as far as we seen TC hasnt looked into giving emblem / skin support for missing ranked rewards. I doubt they’ll start now.

Also if they are missing it and majority got them, it could be implied they probably only reached diamond perhaps at the cut off point of season 1.

Say season 1 ends 00:00 but the playlist rank doesnt update until 01:00 for season 1. That would have made him ineligible for the emblem.

Just giving into the developers making mistakes is pretty destructive. When devs make these kinds of mistakes, they deserve to be bothered about it and held accountable. Even if at the end of the day, they don’t fix it due to poor resource management, they should still hear the complaints so they stop screwing up in the future.

But yeah, could be that he didn’t actually get Diamond. Only OP knows. But if OP can provide a screenshot of his ranks from Season 0 and he actually is Diamond (unranked), then there’s really nothing more to discuss here.

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I do believe in dev accountability but I suppose their silent because of publicity concerns perhaps on certain matters?

Also screenshots isnt solid proof since people can photoshop it lol, only TC can tell if he was diamond before season 0 ended.

And I’m still waiting for TC unlock the diamond stuffs since Season 5 after I got the Diamond 4 playing Escalation, TDM, KOTH, Execution and Guardian. This is so tr@sh! :unamused::thinking:

Can’t work unlock for Skin is now available ?