I have problems with text chat /problemas con el chat de texto

i have porblems with the text chat in gears 5
I can’t see any text chat messages, even if someone of my team or enemies send a message , and when i send a message my team doesn’t see anything

tengo problemas con el chat de texto en gears 5
no puedo ver ningun mensaje de texto, inclusi si mi equipo o el contrario mandan un mensaje no lo veo,y cuando yo mando un mensaje nadie lo ve

este problema lo empece a presentar cuando me cambie de xbox one a xbox series S
por favor ayúdenme

Please try this thread: In-text Chat [Solution - Highly worked - Op 8]

This happened to me and the 3 guys i play with last night.

We were playing a versus match and the new guy didnt have his turned on, so we explained how to turn it on and one of the other players put up a message ( still in main menu ) and asked if he could see it.

None of us could could see it and we now couldnt see any other game chat messages, i played horde later with randoms and was getting no reply’s to game chat.