I have nothing against winning, but

When the entire team uses nothing but active lancers, and cross-lancer the entire map (TDM on Drydock), I just find it pathetic to be honest. Its just cheesing your way to winning. And yes I know I played solo and my team was just average but no matter how hard we tried to push through, we couldn’t break through 20 feet from spawn so we just stayed in cover. They wouldn’t move so the time ran out and they won because we had lesser lives left.

And the occasional time that I tried to flank and get close enough using the gnasher, the guy wouldn’t even battle, he just ran away while calling me out and I was down within 2 seconds by 4 other guys lancering from across the map. None of them used the gnasher the entire match, just pretty much locked it down rifles only. They did whatever it took to win, but I cant respect the way they did it. I mean the whole match was 100% active lancers crossin with spottin and call-outs. I think its pathetic and not really Gears-like. And I know a lot of people in here, Diamonds especially, would not agree with me on this so I expect that. Doesn’t mean I cant vent this after losing possibly the worst match ive ever played in. Ive been in this situation a few times, managed to break through and shift the momentum back to us, but this one was just…I don’t know. I almost rage-quitted but forced myself to suck it up.

Edit- this is really a vent post. Bear with me. Ill probably cool off in a minute. But I made this thread because, I mean honestly, don’t you just hate it when this happens?


That’s the main issue with stacks vs randoms. When a stack has the area cornered off properly the randoms have no chance which is why you hear so much hate towards rifles. I experienced this yesterday in KotH and there’s nothing I could do. They had every line of sight camped down and add in the wonky hit detection and you’re screwed.


TDM on Drydock

Literally in the top 3 worst TDM maps of all time. Impossible to push anything.

TDM honestly shouldn’t have a rank mode IMO. People trying to rank up make that gamemode even more cancer that it is naturally because the best way to win is by camping with lancer.

It’s a casual mode that shouldn’t have its own rank. Same with Guardian. I’ve had Guardian matches last almost 2 hours at the high tiers.


Yeah I was wonderin why when the map voting came up, I saw 5 votes for Drydock immediately and it was over Canals and uhh, Security I think. I should have known and saw this coming but oh well. I have no problem with TDM being in core, but its definitely not a competitive game mode, that’s for sure. I only play it because im the closest to Diamond on it (55% on Onyx 3 now). Was hoping to hit diamond so I could move to KOTH and play that for now on.

But anyway, that match I just got cross-lancered on and lost, was so bad that it just threw me off for the next 3 games. I haven’t been the same since. Kinda hard to shake that one off lol.

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Yeah, I would go ahead and switch to KoTH for now. The stacks try this in KoTH occasionally but you can overcome it when the Hill changes and it’s fun making them pay and exposing their one dimensional play style. It’s when they can do both that makes them really hard to beat…but at least then, they’ve beaten you properly.

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I use to play like that when I first started because I wanted to win.
Then I stopped playing like that because I decided I wanted to have fun instead.


Yeah ive been losing EASY gnasher battles, I just lost another game now and the other team wasn’t even that good. Ive been goin negative for 3 matches now. Its just insane how jarring it was, kinda makes me wanna get off for the day. But I feel a little better after posting here and knowing im not the only one who hates it lol.


Why switch to koth so you’ll be down a player because of quitters. Which one is worse stacked campers with Lancers or short handed on Koth? Maybe TC could answer that question better than anybody.

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I know, the quitting drives me nuts… I just don’t get it! But I usually get in a couple of really good matches that bring me back each time I play.

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I would take bein short handed on KOTH anyday over bein destroyed by crossin-lancers on TDM.

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Will there ever be a gun someone doesn’t complain about

Who knew that people who communicated and used tactics would receive better results.


This is why I prefer Competitive tuning over Core tuning any given day. Core just isn’t ideal for coordinated team fights. It’s more like designed for individual plays.
Using Lancers and playing for each other is not pathetic, though. That’s what players should be doing. But I agree that Core tuning can and often does make it a real nuisance.


One of the many reasons we need free For all in GOW5

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This is yet again another perfect example of why we need 1 Universal weapons/movement tuning in Gears… Core was created to help new players but in reality Core is being abused by experienced players who know the game very well and they exploit the over powered weapons to absolutely dominate the entire map


Or possibly a “mercenary” mode as other games have. Single players only. Tough as it seems many modes have poor population health but hard to please all.


This is why I stick to KOTH because TDM has no objective besides Killing. They already know exactly what they have to do. And Drydock is a very open map. It’s not that hard to spawn trap players.

King of the Hill sucks in certain maps that you gotta run a whole mile just to reach the ring.

Sounds like a solid strategy to me.

I don’t hate on any playstyle.

I once had a match a few days ago and there was only ever smokes coming in consistently.

But there are ways to counter it too.

The main issue with TDM is the guys that go 1-9.

Like seriously, if you can’t get kills - don’t use up your own teams lives!!


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