I have not played Gears 5 in months

I might come back if they improve the fornicator tho

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Quite unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on perspective, as they might break something), it’s not getting changed at this point.

I wnt cheaper fornications dammit

I don’t play PVE but I swear its the Fabricator?

It’s a bit of a joke/running gag that the OP is calling it by the wrong name… which may or may not be a naughty word as he’s been banned for its overuse in the past.


You are WRONG

If you want to put your willy in the fabricator I’m not going to question it :slight_smile:

I have no idea what you are talking about good sir

Then play Mechanic with the Efficient Fabrication card if you want cheaper fortifications. Or better yet, stop spending power on stuff you don’t need and keep the taps alive. It’s not hard if you learn resource management.


Fornicator and things about Fornicators is his main thing. He likely isn’t saying that forts are too expensive.


Oh and @Fishie_flop_oog I think you will like this:


It can only fabricate Fortifications. It can’t work miracles.

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I wouldn’t recommend returning to Gears 5 if you’ve been absent for months. There’s a chance you’ve began actually enjoying your life at this stage.

Be strong, lad.


sigh Sorry I haven’t been posting on the forums much. I haven’t been in a dark place lately and it’s taking a toll on the amount of time I spend here.

This comment does not contain any typos*

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Ah, regular permissions humour!

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I think I should be a moderator because I have more hours in gears than you Kaz

Gears 5 maybe, but definitely not all of the games total. :joy:

Took a while to find this old photo. It’s not the best but you get the idea:

Oh and I think I would be a fantastic Moderator. Fair, unbiased and efficient.


Ah yes, definitely. Totally wouldn’t be silencing any '06 vets or Locust opposition.



I knew I could count on your vote, lad.

TDM :nauseated_face:

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