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I Have Made A New Gears of War Story


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Hello ImaBigBearKing as my GamerTag on Xbox. I want to share this new game Idea I just made like several months ago. I have never share this Idea because of rumors of stealing game storys. but I want this game made and play for fun. I have been a Gears of War fan when I was in high school and I even have a club on Xbox called “Gears of War Classic”. I have been a gamer when I was just a kid. now I like to play almost 24/7 on my Xbox and hopefully one day my dream job would come true. I have show this to my cousin that works for gamestop as a manager and his wife is also a manager for gamestop too. they really love the Idea and told me I should be a game writer. but my dream job is to become a game designer. but learning to code and education is hard for me. showing this Idea hopefully the Coalition or Epic Games could accept this by making the game but I want the game as for me the story game writer under my name because I don’t want to think that someone created this Idea and I don’t get credit for making the story. the game is called “Gears of War Emergence Day”. the game creators that made “Gears of War” made my gaming experience really fun for me. the story takes place where Marcus Fenix and Dom and 2 random hero soldiers called “Omega squad” which if you play “Gears of War Judgment” and you hear baird hearing about Omega Squad which is Marcus Fenix as a young COG soldier. that story will be part takes place by Halvo Bay. before E-DAY the COG was at war against the UIR. in the final days of the end of the Pendulum Wars the COG and Omega Squad was sent to a last UIR territory in Gorasnaya. there they fight UIR soldiers, Tanks, a hind helicopter and navy ships over the beachhead. as they reach a UIR stronghold which is the last base. UIR navy is bombarding the mainland of any COG unit that gets close to the UIR base. the COG sent a special weapon to Omega squad to take out the UIR navy battleships. Marcus Fenix uses the Hammer of Dawn take out the UIR navy. by the time that happens they go into the base, destroy the UIR base and its forces and several hours or days or weeks later the UIR surrenders. while several hours or days or weeks later again. the ground began to shake like an earthquake and then hell breaks loose. the locust begin attacking Gorasnaya in the event “Fall of Gorasnaya” the COG heard of this and begun to evacuate Gorasnaya and all over UIR mainlands and head to COG mainland like Halvo Bay. Omega squad decides to leave Gorasnaya but some UIR decides to fight back for their homeland and the locust attacking one after the other. by the time Omega squad escapes. they hear a “screaming” sound just like the Gears of War Judgment and that’s when they soon discover in the game that it was karn the locust general. and that’s the end of “Act 1 The End of the Pendulum Wars”. I have a notebook that has the story and its all written down and I even put the story of how Marcus Fenix disobey COG command to save his father and how he ended up in “Jacinto prison”. and the story continues to Gears of War 1 just like Gears of War Judgment but the story is about Marcus Fenix not Damon Baird. if you wish to contact me about the story or wanting to know to get in touch. my email is and why RJTheGiant. Im about 6’6 tall and about 400 pounds. I maybe fat lol but my mind is smarter and Im happen to be called RJ. Im not a youtuber but I plan to be whenever. please Coalition or Epic Games or the owners of Gears of War. please help make this kind of game for many gears of war fans that wish it was more fun like Gears of War 3 and judgment. like Horde, Beast, Overrun gamemodes. and I wish more COG, UIR, Locust skins and weapon skins like Gears of War 4. and my personal wish gamemode favorite for Gears of War Emergence Day game “WarZone”. like Overrun with Halo 5 WarZone. the COG, UIR and Locust have Vehicles, Fortifications and Weapons to pit themself against each other. Imagine driving the COG Tank, or a UIR hind Helicopter, or even a brumak! Gears of War multiplayer gamemode gets bigger! now this is just a wish believe game I made from scratch and I wish a game developer(s) could make this game and have it under my name for game story creation. also I don’t know much about the Gears of War lore or like books but from how much I play or doing research on the web or on Xbox. this should be enough to show like a lot lol. but again if you wish to get me in touch or msg me about this stuff my email is on there. I hope Gears of War fans could understand about why I type this or why looking into this because I want to express my share, my creative, my gaming passion for many who dreamed to do something more than not doing so otherwise. “DREAMS WORTH MORE THAN MONEY” that’s my motto. Thanks for making me part of the Gears of War community and on Xbox. Thanks Gears and Game On and have a Happy New Year Xbox Community!!!


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