I have killed things and seen places


I tried searching this post and did not see a recent. I am stuck at 69%. How is that when i have three maps to go? I am pretty sure i know the three. working on them this week. Is this normal for this achievement?

Actually yes, it is normal. It doesn’t make sense really but a few people have said the same thing about their percentage as well.


so you think it will catch up after i start doing the 3 remaining maps and if it does not move maybe that means i have done that map?

some one mention you can tell the maps you need by the score, but i am not sure that true, cause if you play on casual or normal the score would be low.

Well checking the score is a 50/50 shot. You would have to try it and find out. You can’t really go off of the leaderboards either. Try one of the maps that think is one you are missing and see what happens after you finish it.

I had the same thing but it popped when I completed the remaining maps. It could also be that you didnt complete all 50 waves on 1 map you think you did as Ive heard this as well

yeah I though about that, but the achievement says they must be consecutive or you get no credit. i know that to be true, cause i tried impact got to wave 40 had to stop then played the remaining 10 and zero movement. I know that a map i have not completed.

I update tomorrow. I am on a nightly quest now until this is done. i am close to 4.0 now

Yea it does have to be consecutive but I think the achievement tracker still tracks it.

The percentages can be on the exact number, but they usually aren’t, but will be around the actual number. As an example: after 9 completions you might get a number from 89-92 on the tracker (it won’t always be the same for every player).

quick update. I did one on of the 3 remaining maps and after i moved from the 69% to 80%, so look like i am on track. doing the second tonight.