I have just hit rank 100 and i am disappointed

So i started to play gears 5 at the start of the Early access and push through all of the disconnects and severs and i just hit 100 like ■■■■ yeah Prestige time and what the ■■■■ nothing Exciting happens all you get is a bloody spray like wtaf you logo for your rank stays the same you Literally get nothing out of it what a waste of my time


I’m nearly there myself.
I wasn’t really expecting anything for getting it though, maybe 10 iron or something.


So you start over from level 1, but your number stays the same, so it looks like everyone else that is at level 1? That sounds like an oversight; I assumed it’d work like Gears 4 did where you have a number with a different design/color in the background.

Seems silly that there’d be nothing to differentiate you from someone who is actually at level 1. You’re going to queue up for an upper difficulty horde match and have everyone quit because they don’t want to carry a “noob.”

I’m only level 30. Maybe by the time I get to 100 they’ll have changed it haha.

In a lobby say horde its shows i am just a level 1 no re up nothing

Wow, yeah I agree that’s a problem. Hopefully they change that soon.

Yet another thing TC get wrong,remember the days of epic when you got something for grinding even if it was only 4 types of wings. Who gives a toss about bloodspatters?meh


This just kinda makes me wanna never re-up honestly. I don’t really care for rewards for leveling up, but to just have the level go from regular 100 to regular 1? I’d have liked to at least see the circle change slightly, maybe add Rank decor for military medals or something.

I have seen that you get a Skin for the automatic Pistol at re up 2

Same for me here… hitting lvl 100. and nothing happens… just so disappointing, this has never happend in every Gears game … Please fix that, no emblem, no color, no symbol on the level… really dissapointing

It’s amazing how many small things went a step backwards from gears 4

I really like the linear leveling system this time around. And reaching the first re-up really isn’t that much of a grind anymore. Didn’t play that much but am already at level 54, I understand that the leveling steps increase per re-up (from 1000 to 1100 after re-up 1) so hopefully the rewards get better and better as you re-up multiple times.

However, it should be possible to flash how many re-ups you have accomplished.

Ranking up in general doesn’t feel very rewarding, but particularly disappointed that Re-up only gives a Boost

You get a ring around your number in matchmaking I’ll take a picture when I’m next on. I’m 1st re up level 88 atm

if you get nothing in return for re up, i mean whats the point? id rather sit at 100 and have the number instead of lvl 1 again

Sweet jesus, did you even touch the campaign?

That is really disheartening to know that you don’t get any visual bling when you prestige… I can’t believe they would not actually take the time to make flairs for each time you re-roll your level. In 2019 that sounds so ridiculous. I really hope they change that as well.

It’s beyond stupid you literally get nothing and it requires more xp to level up once you re-up like wtf

Yeah but on the other hand they will see your character level in horde mode so that wont matter too much.