I have been Suspended from the game for?

So, I was playing some 2v2 Gnashers with a Clan Member of mine and the game crashed on me. When I tried to get back online, a message popped up that says “one or more members of your squad has been suspended”. Now I can’t play for some reason. Can someone please tell me why I’m being punished because the game crashed?

This is Gears 5. This game is that bad. Try not to play this game.

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Reason #42069 why timed bans should be gone

Inb4 thread lock and obligatory “dont quit” remark

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This game is like a gear you need to lube up well if you want all the cogs to work. If it’s any consolation a first offense is usually only 15mins so start applying now.

If you crash during a game, the game counts it as if you left the game midway. In gears 5, if you leave the game midmatch, you get penalized for quitting as quitting mid game is a very big problem in this game and the developers made the penalty even worse then when the game first came out just a few weeks ago. This has been a recently huge problem in the game and it is recommended by the community to NOT play versus if you are frequently crashing mid game, as the penalty gets far more severe each time it is counted. If you and a friend want to play versus without any penalty, play in non ranked matches or Co-op vs A.I.