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I have been kicked from about six games in a row?

(Dig1tal Wizard) #1

I don’t know. Like, for no reason? Sometimes I had barely played the match. Something wrong with the servers?

(xFribbo) #2

Have you managed to get in the game or has it happened before loading in?

(GB6 Kazuya) #3

I heard the servers have a dislike for you.

…don’t shoot the messenger, mind.


That must be the case for 90% of players then huh?

(Bleeding Pepper) #5

I’ve been kicked back to the X Box dashboard from midgame several times on the last couple of days. Luckily I’ve been either playing Horde or social versus so haven’t been banned as a result.

(GB6 Kazuya) #6

Yes. Apparently it’s not exactly the biggest social butterfly. :joy:

(Dig1tal Wizard) #7

I play for a little bit, then kicked.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #8

My game dashboarded today and it took about a dozen tries to get back in. Kept saying it was putting me back in, then would say the session was over (which it wasn’t). After leaving my teammates screwed and them losing the first rd, I finally got back in for the 2nd round and we pulled out a win.

(xFribbo) #9

What’s your connection like? Because that has never happened to me before.

(Goodacre) #10

this has been an ongoing issue for people. me included, although semi-rare.

it seems like a server/game issue that lags out, then for whatever reason wont let you back in. they changed something when they introduced the quit penalty because I never experienced it before then.

(Dig1tal Wizard) #11

182 download, 209 upload, 21 ping.

(Omen LP) #12

We have people get kicked out during match map initial load and banned while everyone else is kicked back to lobby creating ALL THE TIME… w…t…f…

(mizzelphug) #13

I got banned a few days ago while just searching for a game …again.

Searching for 5min, finally creating lobby, lobby disbanded, annnnd I’m banned for leaving a game that I was never in.

(Omen LP) #14

They should REALLY disable penalties for disconnecting before the game starts, there are waaaaaaay too many issues with their netcode during that stage causing these false positives.

It’s like their motto is “better to suspend 9 innocent players than let 1 quitter get away with it”

(mendigo2005) #15

Maybe it’s because they’ve read it:

(diablo vs24) #16

It may be an issue with xbox. Lately my NAT type has randomly been detected improperly and switches from open to moderate, which kicks me from online only games/modes.

(Goodacre) #17

yes, the solution would be to only issue bans after the first 30 seconds of a game has lapsed. you leave after that then yes ban the player for actually leaving/disconnecting.

or give players who play consecutive matches a “get out of jail free” token to use when this rare occurrence happens. this wont help the OP who said it’s been six in a row, you might have to look at your connecting and see why it’s timing out so often.

(D4RK TYR4NT) #18

I have been disconnected from the lobby after every match. I feel your pain.