I Have A Terrible Idea

I was thinking about Grenades, Smokes, Flames, Shocks & Inks and what they would be like if it was possible to “Active Reload” them - as in the player might do a reload and make the ‘Nade “bigger” so that the active would boost damage and/or radius.

Since weapons can get Actives - why not heavy weapons and Grenades too.

This is such a bad idea because no one would want this but would be interesting to see implemented - maybe as a trial in Horde only first.

Perfectly timed active Grenade on small maps like Raven Down would be devastating and especially on Canals too.

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It sounds like a bad idea but I think it has potential, think of incendiary nades, they explode on contact so why not tweak them a bit? Maybe give them a counter and the “ability” to keep them in your hand and throw them at the last second. It could create a completely new play style frag wise and would create some funny situations where if the timer runs out and its still in your hand is goes off killing you and your teammates in the process.

As for the active/radius approach, I think it would be acceptable with a reward/penalty system: hit the active and deal more damage, miss it and bye bye.

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doesnt the buzzkill have an active ability? But beside that I think its a Greatly Bad Idea lol as I’ve had the same thought before


Missing an active reload could then be deadly in contrast with the reward - would be a good way to do it tbh!

It does yeah, TriShot could easily have this where it doesn’t overheat as quick on Active.

salvos could have a bigger splash damage and/or shoot straighter

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You’re right. That is a terrible idea. These weapons would become grossly unbalanced if this was a thing.

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Why, that is a bad idea! I LOVE IT :crazy_face:

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Horde Only would make it intereting and then maybe for Social or events? :laughing:

Might as well. They already have inconsistent timers and blast radiuses/radii. Sometimes they explode on impact, and sometimes the roll right past your opponent and wait another second before detonating leaving them unharmed.

Sometimes their entire team runs past your planted one before it finally goes off but more often than not their plants have a short fuse with a tactical nuke radius and kill you the second you enter that quadrant of the map.

The only certainty with frags is that if you tag your meatshield and kick him away, you are guaranteed to die too.


Have you not seen the already ridiculous radius on grenades? if you had the option to active them you may as well call it a hammer of dawn or mortar, there is already a dropshot and boomshot in game don’t need more lol