I have a suspicion

Even though it’s probably 2 or so years away… Gears VI is going to have the characters in the campaign have “abilities” tied to them… Which can be a good thing… I think the DLC made pretty good use of the abilities, and it didn’t tie you to having to use them to progress at any point…

I know all speculation and such, but with everything that happened in the update with classes and what not… I could so see them doing this…


With TC anything is possible.

Would make the campaign more interesting though.


I suspect the same as you.

Odd though that in the real campaign Jack’s abilities and upgrades are all part of the story, whereas in Hivebusters at no stage do they explain why any of the characters have abilities.


I think the purpose of this DLC was to bring life to Scorpion… Give each of the characters a back story to want to play and follow… I don’t know about you, but I’m very driven by the story of the character… Hoffman from Gears 1 and throughout all of the books and games has been such a pivotal character… To me, he is one of the main character’s in Gears and I am so happy they brought him back… He is just a bada$$… I think Hannah is the next Baird… She had some decent time in this story, but as with all the characters in the Gears universe this was just the introduction…

In the end, even though it was predictable I feel the DLC explained the story of Scorpion squad fairly well… Good content… Much love to the Coalition for what they did!!


We will see more of scorpion in gears 6

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I dunno I think I would prefer the Gears 5 way of using JACK as a support character than having abilities for each character. It was good for the DLC but I prefer the story tied immersove aspect of Jack giving Kait invisibility rather than Kait being able to activate it herself.

Unless Baird designs them each some little gadgets James Bond style.


Hana was the worst part of the story. They tried so hard to push her as “teehee look at me I’m so tough and cool I can kill a Snatcher with 10 Lancer bullets”. Maybe if she tagged along with Kait and Del Oscar would still be alive.


I really really really hope that ults and stuff are NOT in the next campaign

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I know some people like the extra perks or abilities. They add another layer to the game but I’m more of a purist. I like the idea of having to work your way through a campaign with normal weapons, skill and strategy. Not everyone will agree , I understand.

I was watching a hive video and Cole was basically using his flaming roadie run the whole match. Just running into swarm , they catch on fire and die. Rinse and repeat. It reminded me of something akin to the old Street Fighter games. I don’t know, it just seems so not-gears. It made the whole thing look easy. Instead of conserving ammo and gun battles and strategy it looked more like he was using superpowers against hapless swarm. I really would not want that in the campaign.


I wasn’t making comment on them having abilities, it was that those abilities are not explained in any part of the story.


I got it. It’s more a comment on the overall thread topic of speculating whether gears 6 will have characters with abilities in the campaign. I hope they don’t.


I hope they just stick to the guns.

I think powers degrades the game.

Makes it feel childish.

Doesn’t feel like you’re fighting in a war with these powers…

Gears of Powers…

No offense by the way…

Whole point of gears of war was to face adversity with limited resources… like a war… like a gear whose in a war…


Thank god he isn’t.

On topic. I wouldn’t mind a few brief abilities in campaign that were tied to guns only (like Marksman and veteran abilities.) outside of that, neh.

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exactly. Having super powers kind of destroys that fight against all odds type of feel. Turns you into a character from Street fighter. HADOUKEN!

Im sick of superpowers. I want a game with no powers at all ,anywhere. :rofl:

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Feels childish…

The powers lost the MA rating in my book…

I don’t know why they did that to a perfectly good combat game.

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