I have a question that only I probably care about

How many people actually consider Cog Gear a viable character for horde? I won’t ask about escape because I don’t even like playing him there.

I’m personally a huge fan of Cog Gear as some of you may know from my posting among the forums, and I don’t see many like minded members on here, which saddens me. You can get up to 64% damage resistance with all three of his applicable cards (as long as it’s not point blank range, making it only 32%), and I feel like he’s potentially the tankiest character in the game not counting Cole.

I run:
Helpful Headshots: Headshot hits provide stim for yourself and nearby allies
Razor’s Edge: 32% damage resistance with less than 50% health
Perfect Condition: 32% damage resistance over 50% health
Dodge: 32% damage resistance beyond 5 meters
Custom Lancer with an Eng: Increases lancer damage, obviously
Team Repair without an eng: Team revive repairs fortifications by 50%

With this combination of cards, Gear can tank bullets to pick up fallen allies out of the base, With stim I believe I’ve tanked 7 claw shots before, if I counted right.) He can also provide stim to teammates such as paduk using his armored shot card. With custom lancer, Cog Gear can be extremely viable against smaller enemies, even the Elite drones/ grenadiers. Even a scion if need be. When running team repair, he can be huge in keeping the base defenses up and running without an eng.

Cog Gear is the ultimate support character, only outshined by Jack, (I can’t even argue that Jack isn’t as good. Jack is a ■■■■■■■ God among men.) but unlike Jack, Gear is much more entertaining to play. With Gear, you actually get to shoot some ■■■■, while with Jack… I guess you can put some weapons into the forge? I dunno?

And with Gears team revive ultimate, every single player can be down including yourself, and all you have to do is press y, and every single player is back in the fight. I don’t see how that’s not something everyone would want in their master game’s, what with BS sentinels and guardians flying around.

Ok. I’m done. I’ll gladly answer any questions from some potential new Cog Gear players. :grin:


Oh I play Cog Gear all the time mostly because the sight of my gear pisses master players off. But honestly he’s just hard to look at imo.

Hate the new Cog gear design I don’t know why they look like a low budget Cog gear cosplay and the onyx guard looks like a dude in a helmet with a tool belt on. Hopefully the release some Legacy skins soon for him and introduce some other Cog geat armors from past games

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So you only play him to piss people off… not because you think he’s good…

Sad Cog Gear sounds


Nah i think he’s good. In fact he’s criminally underrated. I just wish he wasn’t so damn ugly


Ah. Well if I’m being honest I like his look in Gears 5. I have the collectors onyx guard. I know it’s not the look everyone loves, but it’s pretty solid in my eyes.

Anyway, happy to hear you enjoy playing Cog Gear! It’s something I don’t hear often. Everyone sleeps on my boy!


I know right? mostly because his isn’t a high DPS character or a jack of all trades engineer.

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There’s plenty of high DPS characters in every game. Cog Gear is who keeps their ■■■■■ alive. Lol

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I liked to play as COG Gear since launch, but hosts kicked me out so many times that I stopped playing as her.

Nobody cares of a character who can heal your fortificacion, gives you stim and revives you many times (Jack still wins with revives, but anyway).

Glad to see more players who really like to play as COG Gear :slight_smile:

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I’ve never been kicked as Cog Gear. It’s a shame you have. Gear truly is a great character for horde.

Keep trying. There are plenty hosts who will accept a Cog Gear, I assure you :smile:


The only times I find a COG Gear would be helpful is if somehow everyone but me has gone down to a Swarmak and Baird moved my locker to a “safe” spot while I’m Lizzie and basically caused us to fail that way because I couldn’t use the locker by going to the spot where I THOUGHT it was and then there’s an oversized bio-engineered ape in the way.

Gear is so much more than that. I assure you. Have you ever taken the time to play Gear? If not, you’re missing out. I stated a lot of the reasons here in the thread, but I can probably name some more hahaha.

Haven’t really done so, partly because neither Vermelo nor Casan are to my liking. Especially Casan is just terribly obnoxious with the constant sass, trash talking and cringy one liners. And that voice. God that voice.

There is a somewhat unique Gear with a different voice in the Campaign who for some reason can be saved in Act 4 Chapter 2 that I might’ve used as a character but it’s only there as an NPC and not in MP.

Although I can’t say COG Gear gameplay would be of any particular interest to me.

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I can agree Casan is not my type of lady lol. I strictly play Vermelo because I can’t stand her voice.

I love playing Cog Gear because I value winning more than playing as JD and carpet bombing, or holding RT with Marcus. Cog Gear is a winning character if you ask me.

If we’re going to play together, you best believe I’ll find a way to get you playing Gear lol. Just wait.

He’s Mid.

All that hyping him up you do and I’ve never seen you play him.

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That would be because we play almost only escape. And when we play horde, I’m typically leveling my characters.

My Cog Gear cards are nearly maxed. When we play a serious horde match one day, I’ll bring him. No worries :wink:

I wanted to Max him next but I just used my 16K coins on JD lol

Max him Rez…


Believe me. Cog Gear is the ■■■■ my man. I wouldn’t hype him for ■■■■■ and giggles.

Considering how long it takes to level up skills, it might be a while until you get to that.

When they bring Op 5 around I’ll likely get around to playing more classes(cause I can use them all with Lizzie and Kait) so maybe then I’ll try it.


You definitely should man. I wouldn’t lie to you. Cog Gear is worth playing.

They need to buff his overdoing it card to where regular revives give that damage resistance and healing.

It’d be worth running.

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