I have a love problem! Who's gotta solution? (Blackmagic)

Joking apart, looks like Coalition finally got rid of that damn spammer!


Greatest victory of all time.

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No joke my heart sank a little by the title of this thread. LOL
Yeah they’ve done a great job preventing spam on the Forum.

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It’s the title of a thread on the old forums.

Just copied to joke about it!


Yeah I know… lol
But at first when I saw the title I was like ohh no, they’re back!

Good stuff.

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Huh, I had completely forgotten about it, guess they did a good job on this one.

Keep up the good work TC!.

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What was his name? Baba love something? :smile:

We all need some baba love around here… because too much salt from people

We need a lotta things, not him…

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