I have a cool suggestion for a cool bundle in gears 5

A cool bundle that could be added since Bethesda is now owned by xbox is they make a doomslayer bundle. Itd come with the doom slayer character, a doom banner, a blood spray that says “RIP AND TEAR”
then a character for the swarm could be the marauder. Idk if this will ever be seen by gears dev’s, but hopefully it will.


new fans: we have a cool idea!

everybody else: we’ve been suggesting that for months!

on a serious note it would be pretty cool though.


Oh man I would buy that so fast

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Doom Marauder as Swarm would be SOO cool
I 100% support this


I miss the days when gears of war was gears of war. No terminator no halo deff no wwe just gears characters. To each their own though.


Why ppls still have problem with this? Campaign is one thing, but mp? Du you rly need strict gow immersion in multiplayer?


This might be the first bundle I actually consider buying, especially if it comes with a good Doom themed weapon set.

I’d be okay with a DOOM themed weapon skin, or execution based off of something from the game, but a DOOM Character? Pass…

Gears 5 has enough (silly) guest characters as is. I’m hoping Gears 6 has 0 guest characters, actually.

Soul Calibur started this.

Yes. Yes we do. :grinning:

It allocates resources towards characters that have no business being in the game away from other characters I’d like to see in the game that aren’t. Plus it’s something I just genuinely don’t care for if I want to see wwe characters I’ll go watch raw I don’t wanna listen to them annoyingly run around my horde match dropping their gratingly annoying catchphrases or I’ll go play reach where the characters fit with the world. This isn’t specific to Gears mind you I didn’t care for when the gears characters showed up in lost planet or forza either.

I’m not a new fan, I’ve been playing since like gears 2 or 3 I dont exactly remember

Better than more WWE wrestlers and movie tie ins that have absolutely no reason being in the game besides microsoft getting paid

It was just a few times, jesus ■■■■■■■ christ makes no sense you’re saying this like it’s been a long time thing ffs. It’s not like theres gonna be wwe people in the campaign doing wrestling moves on the swarm and stuff. Why is there always people who are like “I miss the old day when___” it’s stupid it’s not a big change that will change all of the gears lore or something.

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I hate 3rd party characters being in this, I despise it. It’s wrong and ruins the sanctity of this Franchise.

But with that said, if they can add a Lesbian Belieber Terminator (codename “Grace”) then I’m sure adding the Doom Slayer isn’t entirely improbable.

Lmao man you sound really upset by what is my non aggressive personal opinion. However

Need I point out that the campaign is one Batista bomb away from being that reality. They literally redid all of Marcus’s voice lines and scenes with him.

I’m not upset it’s just annoying that theres always nostalgia freaks in every single series going “I miss the old days when____”

Are you really gonna point that out when it’s only on freeplay? It’s not like because of that all of a sudden JD is Batistas son.

Eh, I’m with Deadrabbit.
The game doesnt need more characters from other things when it’s own roster of characters isn’t complete.
If TC weren’t the Lords of dripfeed it’d probably be fine.
Although, I’d happily bin WWE for DOOM stuff.

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I don’t want doomguy to constantly talk like everyone else does in multiplayer. I wish you could make them shut up

Pretty sure he’d be silent if he were in the game, there are characters that are silent like terminator.