I have 400 Juvies I need to kill in a few days

I have been playing steadily for months. Re-UP 7. Finished the TOD. However this damn Juvie medal still is a slow crawl and I currently have 400 to go. Any ideas on the best way to just grind this out. Appreciate the help.

The Hive-past hive escape. Get to the safe room, then right after it’ll spawn either about 15 juvies or some grenadiers or a scion, restart the hive until you get the juvies. Pick up the shock grenade in the safe room, use shock to kill juvies, restart from checkpoint until the medal pops.

There are a few other ways people did it, but I don’t know them.


I thought they were adding juvie madness to help get this medal?

They should have. They announced juvie madness on twitter then took the tweet down and pretended it never existed.


400 is cake dude. Just play the Hive called The Mines. You’ll have it done in 2-3 runs tops.

I’m not surprised at all

Ok for me it was the easiest way, go to horde private, in lowest difficulty, 41, As Marcus in the map of fundation and make a setup like in the minute 10:16

Then there are 3 types of enemies that would appear, I think Debees/metal balls or Elite drones/ leeches and Imagos/Juvies so that being said, you just need to suicide if there are Debees or Elite Drones, when you get the right enemies, just finish horde 41 and 42 that should get many kills of juvies in just like 5 minutes, I did this and it was really aesy, hope it helps you

Thank you for the guide. Knocked it out this weekend in about 90 minutes using DEL and one turret

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