I have 100% to go to diamond from onyx 3! What happened?

I have been trying to get back to diamond all season. Now that I can advance you will not advance me!

WTF? Why would your game do that? How is it that I put in days and days and days and days and f@$)ing days of playing but I cannot advance? Seriously TC help the players out. I am just putting it out there that your game ranking system sucks. I got to that point alone. No team action. Get it together TC

Give it a little time to advance

Hold your horses there bud, promotions takes 2 hours to come in effect.

Thanks for responding. I am not being a smartass. I appreciate it.


totally understandable, ranking system does have its issues, and if you have any feedback/concerns then post it at the main ranking system discussion thread as this will allow TC to see all discussions and feedback in one place.

Also, if you continue to play in TDM, make sure you never lose a match and always perform higher than what the game predicts you. One loss can bump you down alot because the game didnt expect you to lose.

I have 100% to go from Bronze so dont feel bad

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