I hate the new raam

I know im like 5 years late but the same raam from ue has carried on from gears 4 and 5. In gears 4 they released vold raam but he was missing his mohawk
I want gears 1 raam with his mohawk as a tour of duty skin or something in gears 5. Vold raam in gears 5 please with mohawk


UE RAAM and RAAM from the original 3 games have a way better design. I have no idea why TC didn’t stick to the design they made for UE and decided to make a ugly shell of what he used to be.


They kept the one from ue i dont like that one
The gears 1 2 and 3 raam looks the best i want him in 5

The one from UE is completely different when compared to the one in 4 and 5. Not only in height but armour design and colour. As well as thiccness

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He really doesn’t look as badass, as when I fought him on the train

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The armor is abour the same for the most part, minus that clamp on his scalp. His armor isn’t as ebony as his OG trilogy counterparts either (4 was close though). Did you see him when he first dropped on Gears 5? It was like he was literally dug up from the grave, all washed out and worn.

I mean, I still stuck with him cuz Raam n’ noodles

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Here’s some pictures for comparison.

OG Gears 1 (black Theron armor, head armor plate):unnamed

Gears 3 (basically the same, but with some added red lights):

Gears UE (New armor, almost kinda brownish, no lights, looks more battleworn):

Gears 4 (Almost same as UE, added silver lining):

Gears 4 Vold (Classic Theron Armor, slightly different face - my favorite, personally):

Killer Instinct (looks really old for some reason lol, black & brownish gold armor similar to UE):

Gears 5 pre-update (similar to Gears 4/UE, very faded & brown looking, goldish lining):

Gears 5 post-update recolor (black armor, silver lining):


I think the current is really nice, I just really miss the head plate or whatever it’s called.

It’s the silver lining / highlights that are making it look washed out, if they removed those and went with a more matte black to dark brown finish it would look a lot better IMO…I’ve drawn him several times, defiantly prefer the old look or UE version…


I would like gears 1 or 3 one to be added to gears 5 multiplayer this new raam puts me off used him until i unlocked drone and i bought cyclops with the iron i had and i just use him now and dont even consider using raam cos i dont like the design
I also hate that ue gave him this robotic beard on his chin, makes him look dumb

Honestly, I like how he’s looking right now. Even if I prefer the UE finish.

What DOES bother me about RAAM is that his new voice lines, which play way more than his classic lines, sound too artificial.

Like instead of adding a few quality lines, they had his VA say a crapton of new dialogue, knowing that’s gonna be murder on the throat, and just add a filter to it. That’s what his voice sounds like to me.

The current model is the same one from Killer Instinct which isn’t the same as the older Gears’ models at all.

I gotta say, and maybe it’s cus I’m not an 06 Vet, but the guy looks the same in all the pictures…

What is OP upset about exactly?


Yeah, shave that thing I guess.