I hate the fact u can hold down the trigger for the shotgun

Lost to many fights cuse people hold down the trigger and can shoot two to three bullets after you point blank with one shot them no matter how fast you move away they get the advantage

Does anyone actually hold down the trigger? Lol


If there was some kind of magical increased firing rate by holding in the trigger I’m sure everyone would’ve clicked on by now.


Wait, you can hold down the trigger? I’ve never done this as it completely throws out any sense of controlling your shots. I hold mine for after the strafing and side bounces. :face_with_monocle:

There’s not really an advantage to holding down the trigger to shoot. If anything it’d probably be more of a disadvantage because they’re not really calculating their shots.

I’d love a video of this mechanic.

I’m glad you know they hold down the button even though you are not sitting next to them or actually see them do this

Don’t be. We should all be more concerned with the fact that the OP is clearly pulling is some old-school, screen looking BS. This deserves nothing less than a severe noogie and an indian sunburn.

For shame!

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I don’t get the complaint. It’s not like you’re getting extra shots. I hold it down if I’m waiting for an animation to finish or if I’m lined up for the next shot and I’m just waiting for the pause between shots to end.

I’ve a feeling that the OP is attributing some sort of special ability to it that doesn’t exist. There’s not really any reason to get rid of this.