I hate playing solo

Played solo today. My homie @Aloha_its_Kyle was busy and @Goodacre didn’t respond to my invites. I keep getting stuck with Fortnite players who got confused and accidentally loaded Gears 5 instead, and didn’t realize their mistake until halfway through a match, prompting them to quit, whilst the enemy team is comprised of ex-Esports players.
So, if any of y’all like koth, and need a friend, a kind voice in which to speak to, add me. Tbh I don’t care if you suck, considering I am probably a worse player than you are. I am just tired of playing Koth solo.
US eastern timezone.


Its not great. I guess due to rank changes but I’m already over getting in games where it legit feels like my teammates have never played the game.

Everyone has off games, but the matches I’m getting now feels wrong, people ending koth matches with single digit elims


I honestly don’t know what to make of this game anymore.
I think I have you on my friends list already.


I lost.

hey buddy sounds like you’re in quite the bind. If you’d like I give Gnasher lessons in my dojo for the small price of validation. Stop on by sometime so I can show you my sick moves.


Lol. You could not hit the broad side of a semi-truck. You can keep your mad skillz to urself.


Prepare to witness what a true Diamond Masters plays like
feel free to apologize when you’re ready son


Wow! how did you capture my game play?


Even worse than these guys? @Krylon_Blue, Mo and myself played social to warmup for ranked. We felt really bad for them.


I don’t even care that this was social. They were legit trying and this was the result. They were in the match from the very moment it began too. :joy:

Were you playing Luck of the Draw today? Like 2 or 3 hours ago? I could’ve sworn i saw your name on a scoreboard in one of my matches

No roll>sprint after spawning



my current condition does not allow me to roll
please stop bullying me tryhard



I was on… you just like not being available when I am.

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I’m pretty tired of playing the same 4 stacks who just keep ■■■■■■■ on my team to the point no one plays. Like they could atleast be nice and let us get a few point or even a round so we’re not just losing all motivation to keep playing. Even worse are the ones who don’t cap to “farm” us

Multiplayer officially stresses me out… I get upset wayyyy to easy in this game compared to the other gears games (and I usually have a long fuse/patience in general) I mostly play PRIVATE horde with 2 of my friends. If you or anyone else want to join, hit me up. :slight_smile:

Usually online on the weekends

I cant even move, my character rolled around in glue and now im confined to a barrier now :sob:

I’ve never played that mode at all.

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I honestly feel sorry for the people that has to play with you.

I’ll only add you if you actively troll everyone the entire match