I hate how useless and stupid Baird's DR-1 is!

Just did a 1 to 50 with friends on Forge… Multiple times I would activate the DR1 and it would jsut stand there, getting shot to pieces. It would not go anything; I would mark a boss, and the DR1 would start walking BACKWARDS INTO the base, then I would mark a drone and it would turn around and shoot at that drone…

It is useless… and it’s bleed? I have 80% bleed… 80% of what??? I’ts so patheric , it’s like they base it off some silly low value. Maybe like an Opresser which Jack takes over, that trishot is useless…

Really… It really made ,me want to never play Baird again, and I regret spending 12K of coins leveling up the gold card…

It’s stupidity and the low damage bleed, just arrrggh…


His DR-1 is a pretty good decoy though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sometimes, its bleed seems massive when it works properly.


This is not the only useless gold card … Kait’s is too: 2.6s added to the Ultimate after each execution while an execution lasts 3 to 4s, the Ultimate discharges too much quickly and enemies are never next to each other


Should’ve just given it a Salvo or Mulcher. Still his DR-1 Isn’t useless just the bleed card

That’s Kaits best card hands down. The problem is people don’t know how to use it. In escape it’s a game changer as she can wipe out the whole encounters on her own. You don’t execute with it as it does take too long. You have to meatshield with the X button and swap weapons, it’s super quick and extends the ultimate. Really good Kait players have gone through whole waves using this method.


I’ve actually seen My DR-1 Destroy Carriers, Flocks,
Snatchers,andd a Swarmak a few times with it’s bleed (lvl 6) of course.

It doesn’t do too well with kestrels but I’ve put a solid chunk into it once.

DR-1 would be the best ultimate in the game if we could control it.

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If you meat shield rather than execute you can wipe an entire wave of drones with it in horde.

The card is broken if anything when people use it that way.

Edit: Just noticed @PIZDETS79B said that already lol.


It would be something if you could pick up the tri shot after it dies.


Well at least it’s better than Del’s trackers. Last time I saw Swarmak was skating around the map with those (trackers). Damn.

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You gotta show it some love and support…
Of course showing it hate is going to make it go sulk in the corner…


I guess you don’t know the trick of neckcranking while playing as Kait. During cloak, press X on drones then :arrow_left: or :arrow_right: on D-pad (if you have shotgun).

Huh? :astonished:
Instead of B?

Correct, meatshield and swap weapon is super effective paired with her gold card.


PIZDETS79B, IXReptileXI9966, SPARGELKOHL, CommanderCH2863,
Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about it and I will try.


You just have to get it to level 5 at least (100%). You’ll be surprised how affective it is going up against a Sentinel, multiple elite drones, etc. Just remember, you have to go closer to the action to get your DR-1 responding effectively. You have to let it get within enemy(ies) range, about 5 m+, and you’ll see it really get going. If you draw back it will retreat back with you.


I’ve found if you mark an enemy, the Dr1 tends to attack the marked enemy. Maybe it just happens by coincidence, but it seems to work consistently.


Even without that trick, it still prolongs your ultimate. Ita not supposed to make it last forever. Even with normal executions I’ve gotten 9-10 kills in a single cloak.

The DR-1 is also very frail in late Master games, I do recall sending it out on a few occasions only to see it get rekted in less then a few seconds. The bleed damage is good on it, its just not the brightest bot in Baird’s disposal, speaking of DBs it’ll be rad if Del got like a mini Guardian instead of some lame trackers, having a friendly flyer can probably help out in dire moments.

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In Horde maybe (and enemies must be very close to each other) but not in Escape : the time of the ultimate is too short.