I hate execution but no wall cancel is good

No wall cancel and this execution movement tuning are. very good. Personally I think execution is excruciatingly boring, sweaty and campy so I’d rather shove a boltok up my ■■■ than play it, but it has its place in Gears so I think it should stay. But overall no wall cancel is a massive improvement to gameplay in my opinion

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I like this mode, but the 1v1 standoffs annoy me, when one guy has a longshot, or some other power weapon, then sits in cover active reloading and waiting for the other to come out into the open. And most of the time they do move out into the open because they lose patience and want to get on with it. Then 9/10 of the time that will result in a loss. So now, if it’s me I’ll just sit there and wait for them to rush me or let it go to a draw. Why give him a free shot at me with a longshot or power weapon if I don’t have to?

Because patience is the name of the game. I’m not a fan of single life modes but Gridiron makes a big difference with 2 minute rounds.