I hate any and all ranked modes

Every Ranked mode is F ucking B ulls hit. I’ve destroyed a lot of my stuff because of it and I’ve gotten mad at people I know because of it. No wonder people quit in the middle of a match, those people are smart. Ranked is the worst thing that has ever happend to gears.


Whats BS about it?

It’s Christmas and you’re breaking things and getting mad at loved ones over a game, that’s BS. If the game is that bad, don’t play it. It’s not worth it.

And you really should learn to deal with your anger.


The world may never know.


Good for you.


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I blame OP’s parents.

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I miss having a diversity of ranked modes.

Instead of diversity of characters & worrying about skin color/gender TC should focus on the game.

I like TDM but I don’t like how it is right now. Can’t be team death match with only parties of 2.

Then all we really have is king of the hill as a team mode. Not a bad mode but 45-60 minute matches aren’t my style. Easy. But very long. I’m master so I fight a bunch of sweaty stacks. Solo or not. Sometimes can’t bring in my friends to play because it’s just too sweaty.

We have 2v2 gnashers which gets repetitive after a while.

& FFA which I find completely boring. Easy & very boring.

I hate how we don’t have guardian or arms race or escalation, etc.

Like people will wait to play a game of something of their choice…

But TC has an agenda & only wants us to play what they want.

I really hate that.

Imagine what would have happened if this player lost…