I Had To Do It - The Map Made Me Do It

I quit a ranked match. I’m not proud, but I had to. I was going into game 5 of a heater. T he map selection for the first 4 games was: blood drive >> checkout >> checkout >> blood drive. (Won 3/4 not to fukkin brag). I search a new game and exit the theater room for a short restroom/420 break. As I return from a perfectly timed intermission the match timer counted down 4…3…2…1…

Guess what the map was? Go head guess…
Blood Drive. Bloody blood drive. Unreal. It’s like 1:30am est. Out of respect I dive bombed the circle 2 times and got filleted. My heart couldn’t bring me to lancer from the stairs, so I turned my Xbox off. My apologies if you were impacted by my quit. It won’t happen again. Seriously, I know that sucks, because it happens too much. I don’t even hate blood drive, but enough is enough some days.


Have you ever considered writing short stories?


Living up to your name bro :rofl::rofl:

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@Saber_Skywalker :metal: :black_flag:

@Demigod_Mighty I would like to do that one day! I appreciate your comment!

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Stealing my thunder…

Dana did say that BD was picked most often of maps. And now that it’s “new” in 5 I’m not surprised it’s being picked over Icebound and Bunker. I get the same way about “Mid” in 2v2s. Although I don’t think you should quit any ranked match but I have quit social games due to frustration/Training Grounds a couple times.

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■■■■■■■ blood drive got me tired of it the very first match I played of it.
Always hated , always will.

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This is how my experience is going too. Enough is enough. I’d rather play lift even.

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Blood Drive is voted on far too much. Even one time is too much for me much less 4 out of 5 times. I can’t stand Blood Drive at all and always have the urge to just force close the game before it begins to avoid it but with my luck I’d just get Blood Drive again once my suspension ends so I avoid doing so.


Agreed profoundly.


I never see lift AT ALL

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some players complained on stream/twitter about not seeing the new maps enough and TC probably turned up the dial even more after that.

hopefully next week they’ll tune it back down to normal.

If you’re playing on xbox just hard quit. No penalties.

I do that when I play a map over & over. But only for that reason really. It sucks playing the same map over an hour.

I have been in the opposite boat. I have only seen/played one new map.Reactor. And only seen it once. For some reason they aren’t showing up in Guardian very often. For me at least.

Long live Guardian!!!



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I seem to be on the opposite side as I dont seem to see the maps that often in rotation,! And it’s even more rare in quick

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