I had a problem running gear 5 on my pc

I keep getting #00000018h on easy anticheat before the game starts. I own razer’s mouse, seagate computer expansion storage. I don’t use any weird or third-party programs. I have been submitting the ticket for support but I didn’t receive a response from them

You can Reinstall the Anti-Cheat or Fix the Anti-Cheat in the Gears 5 files.

Gears 5 —> Binaries —> Win64 —> Easy Anti-Cheat_Set64.exe

And also, it’s 2021, there’re Plenty of Youtube Video showing how to Fix the Anti-Cheat Problem.

I hope people can Follow their Step & solve their problem by themselves. Don’t be Lazy for asking people for Solution.

You can search some Key Words like “Security Violation Easy Anti-Cheat”

If those method don’t work for You, then it’s mainly happened due to your Computer Problems.


some videos none gear of war-related for #00000018h problem none of them has it, last time I tried to fix it by uninstall and reinstall anti-cheat but didn’t work for me.

It doesn’t mean this Problen only appear in GoW 5. You got it?

I know I just focus on one simple app on my computer

I’m not sure if you follow the method of Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat / Repair Easy Anti-Cheat is useful, but you can Try.

It’s necessary to Mention that Gears 5 is Extremely Poor in playing PC, which is unstable in Any Time.

@SnubbbS come help ur boy

yeah dude lmao. I’m scared to even change any settings I know less than nothing about issues.