I had a more difficult time playing campaign assuming that Cloak = Horde/Escape Cloak (and it doesn't)

I finished playing campaign on Inconceivable alone right now, but because I played more horde/escape than campaign, I just assumed that you can extend cloak like Chain skill card (executing enemies), when it actually was only killing enemies.

If you have full upgraded Cloak, you can shoot and kill enemies without problem.

I know that few players play campaign for fun, I just did it for the achievement, but if someone else want to play, remember that Cloak works different than PvE Cloak.

I played 5 times campaign, and I just “discover” this on my last run :woman_facepalming:t2: (except if TC add another achievement for campaign (please don’t do it)).


Makes the Graveyard-scene with the HoD near the end a cakewalk when playing solo.

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Cloak extending is limited to Kaits legendary card right? I mean it makes sense it wouldn’t extend unless the description says so during an upgrade.

That was exactly the part were I “discovered” the true functionality of Cloak. I lost so many times on that part… :roll_eyes:

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