I... had a dream! DBNO

ok so this is quite sad lol…

i had a dream that i was getting wrecked lmao couldn’t hit shots kept getting down ppl tea bagging. i actually was raging in my dreams LOL.

ok so i was dbno and getting teabagged i wasn’t getting up and was wondering why i wasn’t up yet. so i tapped A and got up when I wanted and the enemy wasn’t expecting that.

what if when you don’t double tap A you don’t get up until you want? ik ppl don’t like change… the dbno hasnt changed much since gears 2. obviously it shouldnt let you sit there on the floor for the whole game just maybe a 5-10 second mark where you chose to get up, so lets say your downed for 10 seconds… once you hit that ten seconds you usually just get up right away what im implying is you should have an addition 5 seconds to sit on the floor until you press A to get up. double tapping A will still get you up the fastest.

why would you want this?

coming across a DBNO person can potentially be dangerous… causing you to have to shoot from a distance IF you dont know how long hes down for… if he JUST got down you know he hasn’t reached the mark where he can get up.

this causes people to not want to teabag for so long… i kept getting double beat down and teabagged in my dream and i thought in my dream that it would be cool just to pop up unexpectedly and would make the double beatdown harder to predict.

maybe i haven’t thought it out much because i just woke up and started typing so lmk what you guys think about this system… i completely doubt it would ever be in the game but im just trying to add variety to things.

Very interesting. Just curious why this is under Gears 5? :smiley:
Oh and you should probably take a small break from Gears having dreams like this :grin:

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i havent played in about 2 months haha i’m having withdrawals my xbox is getting repairs.

its under gears 5 because its an idea that i would like to see implemented in the next game. i doubt they would add this feature to gears 4 as its already in its two year life span.

Seems Gears 5 are all about dreams, so we’ll see. And maybe time to play some Gears then, since you are suffering withdrawals :smiley: