I guess this test is just for streamers

Clicked the button right at launch, 30 minute queue. got through stupid boot camp. 30 minute queue waiting to find game. Booted for inactivity. Been queued for almost 2 hours now. Nothing.

But the streamers sure have their guaranteed spots to give you free promotion don’t they?

This is trash.

So many people are locked out of this. So many people who have paid for access to this. And it seems to only work for a few select people that must be guaranteed spots on the servers.

If this was a free test… sure. But it’s not. It costs money. Pre order or game pass account. I’m paying to sit in a stupid queue that won’t even count down. This is beyond frustrating.


This is a “tech test” not a demo be patient

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Go watch the streamers. They DC and then boot right back in with no queue.

Don’t come into my thread and tell me to be patient. It’s not a free tech test. It costs money. Paid pre order or paid game pass.

I’ll be patient when I get what I paid for, as a streamer gets to play for free what I paid for.

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