I guess they dont get it

rod said from the way beginning its going to be a different approach but still be the gears we love he’s right its awesome. the beta came everyone loved it etc. full game came out o i hate it doesnt make sense. i would like to know what part of this the haters didnt understand?

The part where the beta came out and “everyone” loved it is where you’ve gone wrong

The assumption that these groups are the same people is also a misjudgement on your part

Many “haters” didn’t play the beta

The world’s a big place

A bunch of people played a beta, loved it, then the same bunch play the game and become haters, isn’t a thing that’s happened.

It’s got a few good points this game, but for the most part these ‘haters’ KNOW something needs go change, which makes them speak up, ironically it actually comes from a place of love

love to change the game back where they were owning people or change it where people can agree on what?

Hmmm what I don’t get is why my tushy can’t stop pulsating for Marcus