I got this email from Xbox and there are 2 things that are incorrect

I got this email 4 days ago and if I was a player who didn’t play for a long time (months) and if I didn’t read news here on the forums I’ll be confused.

First, boost and that can be purchased on the store and ToD giving cosmetics

(The rest of the email is here but those screenshots are the important ones)

The rest of the email

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TC can’t even manage to communicate basic things to us properly, most of the time… so is this really a surprise?


Truth. This isn’t a surprise, but that explain why some players who didn’t play for a long time had some questions about ToD and boost.

And I’m pretty sure that I got a similar email at the start of an operation (7 or 8, can’t remember exactly when)

I mean, there is the possibility of someone working through a backlog of stuff they’re supposed to send out, or it’s automated mails/messages, but like, people at Xbox/TC should know about this and make sure these aren’t sent out any further. Certainly not under that format, because it’s advertising with information that is very much out of date by now.

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Not really surprising anymore from TC and MS, but I’d expected better from them. Then again, TC is the company so incompetent that in Gears 4 they wished everyone a Happy New Years for 2017 when it was really 2018 (I think it was that year, when they dropped the Santa Oscar). So there’s that.

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Tc isnt that incompetent. They just make poor choices sometimes and quite frankly have been guilty at times of trying to please everyone. Well at least the vocal minority esports group.
Eliminating legacy cosmetics and timed/exclusive cosmetics was a bad decision. Sorry…it was. Every game has them. It keeps players invested and is a loyalty rewatd. Deciding to give everyone anything they wanted with a really cheaply earned in game currency…perfect example of a bad decision yet trying to please.
Dumbing the game down at launch with things like absurd aim assist,=bad decision for a good reason. Their is nothing wrong with wanting to incentive new people to play Gears. Every game dev wants to capture a new audience with a new launch. Again…not incompetence…just bad decision making. Gears has a really high skill ceiling. Doing things to strip away that ceiling with the intent of bringing new players onboard is a lose lose. Percentage wise, your not gonna keep everyone new. Probably only a relatively small percentage. So dumbing the game down doesnt do much to entice new players to stick around and it pisses off and alienates the very loyal group of hardcore players you have-and they quit. New players can be enticed to stick around with earned rewards and a system that lets new and lower tier players compete against others of their same level. Allowing them to get a feel for the game and giving them some type of progression system that lets them enjoy the feeling of improving without getting their you know what pushed in by stacks all day long. Bad implementation. Bad decision. But not inept.
Getting rid of a rewards based elo system in ranked and replacing it with a leaderboard system that is solely based on who literally has the most free time and devotes all of it to playing Gears. Their is nothing and I mean NOTHING exciting about this leaderboards system. Majority of the top leaderboard players have a k/d below 1. They just play A LOT. Smoozeville. But again. A bunch of people all complaining about every version of the ranked system is what got us here. Too many different opinions. Too many changes…trying to please. Not incompetent. Just bad decision making.
I could go on and on but Ill stop. Bottom line is TC is actually very very good at making video games. Id argue that aesthetically their isnt a better looking game out there. Tc knows graphic design and the Unreal Engine incredibly well. Not incompetent game developers.
We are gonna see with 6 what they are really made of. If they took notes from all the pitfalls of 5-especially the state of the game at launch-and learn from it and not repeat them. 6 will be awesome. If 6 launches like 5-and they havent dialed it in and learned from their mistakes-then and only then will I say they are a bunch of Ham and Eggers that couldnt find their way out of a square room with doors on every wall. And 5, imhoo, in its current state is actually pretty good. And their is still no other game out there that will scratch the itch that Gears gives you. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Outplaying 1,2, 3, or even 4 players while either Bodying or popping a head with the gnasher is still hands down the most satisfying mechanic in all of gaming. And nothing has a better movement system. Nothing. Deuces


That post looked too long to read but I’m glad I did. It made me realise why I’m so bored of gears now.

No reward and no challenge.

It’s not the game mechanics, it’s the lack of rewards and reasons to keep playing.


Well…if the Company itself doesn’t even know how the game runs then what chance is there?

That’s embarrassing.

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@OldMonkeyNut I totally understand this thought process. Tc abandoning the game at this point is also avery bad decision. They dont have to devote any time to changing gameplay or mechanics tweeks. But at least rotating versus weekly events and adding a skin for a challenge reward keeps players invested. Swapping back to the elo system they had before the leaderboards implementation and adding skins for ranking up-again-keeps players invested. And changing gun skins out isnt a very complicated process. At this point I have everything that I deem cosmetically interesting. So grinding for Gears Coins doesnt have any real purpose. And again-I literally hate and have hated the coins implementation from day 1. Its dumb. A bunch of crybabies left the game-came back-and then fussed about “not having things that were timed exclusives”. So they ■■■■ on everyone that earned them and basically gave them away. Anyways. I get it. I still play bc I love the game. But it does feel “lifeless”.st this point. Deuces.

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Very interesting take. I agree with a lot of what you said, but also very much disagree with parts. Perhaps I was a bit broad when I said TC was incompetent. As you said, they did make a very pretty game (Gears 5) that looks good now but at launch it was a complete mess. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When you have a AAA game launch for early access and you can’t even play a single player campaign or any game mode single player because the servers are that screwed up, then yes you’re incompetent. I’ve literally got tons of examples, but that would be beating a dead horse and not very productive here.

I think I should have narrowed that down to the TC leadership (executives) and Community Team. Many of the gaffs belonged solely to the community team. Octus actually did a pretty good job while he was there, but he wasn’t a miracle worker. I mentioned it years ago that what TC really needed to do what keep him as community lead and hire a person who studied and was specifically trained for public relations to assist him. Octus was a Gears player and inherently understood most of the community’s wants and needs. Whether he was able to make his bosses listen or not (see the Lambent debacle from Gears 4, he even talked about his role at length later on), was a different story.

There are also a myriad of game design decisions that baffled a lot of us, like the removal of the War Journal yet so many things like Achievements where it would have helped. Or the introduction of the banner system and removal of the emblem system.

There’s too many examples to list and I don’t feel like starting an argument about it in this thread. Suffice to say I probably was too broad when I said all of TC was incompetent, but there were certainly parts of TC that were.


@AlphaKnight04 i can agree with a lot of that. The war journal removal was very odd. And yes, the state of the gane at launch was abysmal. I think Halo infinite benefitted from that. I think thats why they were allowed to push out the launch date repeatedly. Much better to make everyone wait until its truly ready. Ahem. Looking at you Dice and Battlefield 2042. Anyways, lots of lessons to be learned from 5’s shortcomings. I really hope they were taking notes.