I got the IBIRI error

So I’ve been playing for a year now, on PC, i’m on Windows 10. I played yesterday some TDM matches and got no problem, went to sleep and now, like 15 minutes before i’m doing this link, I tried to play some KOTH with my friends, but when we got into the lobby, it kicked us and sent me a message with the IBIRI issue, so i decided to look for an answer in here, and it seems that i’m banned. I don’t know why would this happen, i have never cheated, i play on PC and I usually get toxic mail saying that I’m a cheater because of my aim, but it’s all about my DPI. So, anyways, I came here to find a solution of my problem, is it because of the people who has reported me because of “hacks”?

Gamertag: Ouroborus V

Thank you for reading. My apologies, English is not my natal language.

There has been multiple discussions created on this topic. I will be merging this so that it can be looked into for you. TC is currently looking into this cause each case of this error can be a few things.

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