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I got suspended for 75 days I play frequently, it's my favorite game but I suspended and idk why please help me

Help I got suspended idk why

Do you play Ranked often, or have you ever played Ranked?

Yes, I played yesterday, and today I wanted to play and it said suspended

Then, there you go.
Severe quitting in Ranked is probably what got you suspended, even if you don’t want to admit it.
It’s a newer penalty that’s recently been introduced.


Well thats suck I don’t quit, I hate every time I’m in matchmaking and it gets canceled due to people quitting, but ill take the suspension I’ll play in on other account, thanks for replying thoe

If you honestly don’t quit out of ranked games contact TC Octus on twitter and he can double check

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get out you liar and stop quitting. sheesh, coming here and whining like hes innocent…


Lmao…admitting is half the battle right?

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But will it reduce an 87 day ranked ban? :rofl:

Hey everyone… Going to share what @TC_Octus posted on another post, and I hope you consider this when posting on these kind of topics.

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