I got some fun ideas for gears 6

I’m thinking you put all the rifles as selectable load out weapons, the lancer,hamerburst, retro lancer and that little machine gun, and also bring back the sawed off shot gun, as well as all the pistols, and instead of having these weapons spawning on the map, in place of that would be ammo modifiers, that give your load out weapons different attributes like, emulsion, shock/lightning, ink and fire, making them more lethal, maybe even freeze ammo, each location these spawn at would be specific to either a pistol or a rifle I don’t really think the shot guns would need these modifiers they are powerful enough , then place power weapons and grenades and sniper on the maps as well and they dont need modifiers either cause they already wreck shop, besides that if you actually gave us good servers I’d say let us do 3 teams of 5 with objectives but I’m pretty sure that would not work so maybe certain game types that are 3 teams of 3 fir gaurdian and koth, or something like that, just some ideas I want to throw your way,

Hey @telekinetix that actually sounds like great ideas and improvements! I was actually thinking of adding more ideas for Gears 6 if and when it comes out, particularly with the campaign. I have only played Gears 2 but I have followed up with the storyline throughout the entire series. I was thinking that for the Gears 6 campaign, depending on who you let survive between JD and Del in Gears 5, the other character has something happen to him towards the end (hopefully not death). I think for the most part, the user’s playable character would be Kait but in the very last moments play as Marcus. I feel that this would be similar in the sense of the COD Modern Warfare Series when you play various characters and then play the legendary war hero Captain Price at the very very end. We shall see what the designers and executive producers come up with!

There will be no Gears 6. After seeing how bad Gears 5 is, no one is going to care to buy Gears 6.

I only have one problem, the “little machine gun” or the enforcer TRIGGERS kids so bad. I loved placing that thing in escalation and mowing people down when they came at me with a gnasher. I don’t think I can count the amount of angry messages from opponents and teamates when I’d be using the enforcer. Maybe as a shot gun slot weapon, maybe. My whole point is that it just ruins balancing and the ole fashion gnasher duel. Bringing the sawed off would be a good mix up… I loved that gun. Maybe they bring it back as a weapon primarily used by the stranded ???
Idk about weapons shooting different stuff, sounds a lot like Black Ops 3 zombies to me…