I got my animal skin early

I now were supposed to get the animal skin 2 week from now but I got my team animal gnasher from logging in today. Can anyone tell me that you got any skins early too.

I received the animal Hammerburst, but i dont received the Markza Mk.1, Lancer or Gnasher, can you help me?

Sorry for my english jaja

I just checked card companion and it shows the Hammerburst and the Lancer. They have to add the cards manually so it’s expected to take a few days.

I received the Markza and the gnasher, need to see if the hammerburst and the Lancer are on its way.

I got none even thought I should have 4.

How do you even get these? I assume it was from a stream?

I got my lancer and gnasher

Well I heard some people saying that the NEXT update 2 weeks from now we suppose to get the skin but I’m glad I see some people getting the skin early hopefully this mess doesn’t happen in colobus event.

That’s not correct. The disclaimer was within 2 weeks of the title update. There won’t be an update in 2 weeks.

Anyway, I have all my skins now and most of my friends have some or all of them as well. They’re rolling out now and everyone will get them in the next day or so.


Yea, I stopped bothering for a while because the stream guns were becoming meh but this is the first one in a while that look decent. They had issues with the stream so you might get another chance.

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Eh. I don’t care enough to watch or leave a stream in the background, lol. It’s just a skin so no big loss here. It does look neat though.

Hi all! I have hummer …but I have not the Lanzor …why…?

Because Hummer > Lanzor :+1:

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Great to hear that they’re starting to roll out. Just remember

Claimed Animal Weapon Skins will appear on your account within the next 2 weeks (i.e. they can be deployed before - 2 weeks is the latest deadline)

It’s really weird the way these are being rolled out. Yesterday I received the Gnasher followed by the Markza, this afternoon I received the Lancer… all I am waiting on is the Hammerburst from Friday’s stream. Yet I see people who received the Hammerburst yesterday already and not any of the others.
Would’ve thought the focus would be on 1 skin at a time.

I got a hummer last night and believe me, it’s better than a lanzor :wink:


I got the lancer… so i must wait for the other ones right?

Just received the Hammerburst… so I have received all 4 now from the San Diego stream… they are handing these out rather rapidly it seems.

I completely missed this event ! is there a way i can get it now ??

Im an og ! i swear im gonna but gears 5 , plz give me this skin … :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:

Got it all. “Early”.

Too bad on horde they’re blue. Red is much nicer.