I got me a uzil sraak


heres the link to the picture

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Haha, me too. I don’t ever buy packs but I did want him so I caved in once and got lucky. He is so much larger than my normal Robot Shepherd, lol. I wish I would have gotten the Snub skin also but I did end up with the Lancer, Gnasher and other skins so I’m not too disappointed. I won’t be buying another pack though.

i got raam on my bonus card and uzil in the pack so that was a nice pick me up this is from the pre-order so i didnt even need to spend anything extra

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Having to wait until my Comic comes in the mail. No comic book stores near me, haven’t been in 15 years. Hoping for Sraak.

Can’t wait for the Black Steel version :raised_hands:

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please, n o .


Doesn’t affect anyone else …


you lucky sob. I got Raam .

I’ll wait until next month to get Uzi Shrek with the credit packs.


Lmfao, oh man that’s gold.

i dont think they’ll do a bs version at least not in gears 4 i believe tc said they only have a couple more black steel packs coming so if thats true then i think we’ll just be seeing the rest of the roster getting the black steel treatment kim,ben,gary,kantus,shepard,and deadeye just off the top of my head we might see a black steel variant in gears 5 though oh and also the male versions of UIR and medic along with male or female COG gear so thats 10 characters for black steel oh and i forgot Theron

Got Vold Raam but haven’t gotten Sraak yet. Friday is payday so he will be mine then!!

Got him as well of course the comic shops says it comes out tomorrow so no idea why it was released today, when I get the book tomorrow hoping for Void RAAM.

Got both and honestly RAAM feels better in game, Sraak is HUGE :skull:

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I’ll wait till the credit pack… I got alot of credits and nothing to spend my hard playing credits on anyway

When will they be in credits.

The bad part about sraak is that his hit box is huge.

Hit box is the same around every character.

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Palace Guard looks coolerz