I got less frames per second on Escape after playing more than 30 minutes

I get this “error” since… 2 weeks? I don’t remember exactly. I can play with no problems until I played for almost 30 minutes, then the game (horde, escape or versus) start to lose frames, it’s like playing with lag for almost 1 to 3 minutes, then the game runs as always. But while the more I play the lost of frames appears more frequently and I start to get more errors. First, I can’t send invites to my friends, then my match goes “invite only” because I can’t invite and randoms players don’t join, so i assumed that something went wrong.

I play on Xbox One and with game pass, with no party, stream or anything that needs internet. I tought maybe has something to do with free storage. I get this problem with 15 GB or 145 GB free space.

If it happens only after playing for a while then it could be your console gets to hot and the cpu needs to slow down for a bit to cooldown. The typical solution is to place a fan aiming at the back of the console.

Be sure to check the fan grills on the back are not covered with dust or have no room to dissipate heat.

I never though about Xbox not getting a good space for dissipate heat. I just move my Xbox almost a month ago to a new furniture.

The only thing that I’m playing on Xbox is Gears, so I just thought that Gears was the one with problems.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll see tomorrow if the problem disappear

Feels like playing on 20fps no joke… Sluggish inconsistent input lag all over the place… The controller will break because the players has to over use the button presses and joystick movement…

Does not happen to me, I play on the X. If you are using Instant-On power mode on your Xbox, make sure you do a full shut down and reboot once in a while to clear the cache, this could help.