I got error code 0x00000c46

I had play 2 hordes (100 waves) and get 0 Exp… Wtf


There’s issues with both PC and Xbox. A lot of people aren’t getting XP or receiving their tour of duty rewards. You’re not the only one

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I keep getting this error code too in versus wtf fix it coalition plz

Llevo 100 oleadas con el batista en locura y élite y ninguna de las 2 me contó me arroja este error por favor ayuda y arreglenlo por favor mi gamertag KILLERthePITBUL

It’s the same with me, and the new characters objectives won’t display correctly and nothing happens, not xp, not objectives … Nothing

Ya voy haciendo 5 escapes y ninguno me lo ha contado tanto como experiencia como el tour of duty

Another 50 waves with Jack ■■■■ to show for it. I don’t get what is so complicated about locking in rewards every 10 waves so that you don’t get royally screwed if something goes wrong after 50, thank Christ I’m playing with a free game pass is all I have to say.



This is exactly what happes, at the Completion of a Horde Match. Help, this has neen happening since 2/9/21 Update