I got cheated :\

True, I see them doing the same if they ever implement trading. Although if trades were a thing, I bet the RNG would go up for boxes and it would be a lot worse for people overall lol.

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tbh they should just add a “gift” option for boxes i think they’d make a lot more money that way i also feel like there needs to be a type of “pity” meter for rng like every pack you buy gives you an increased chance to get cards you dont you dont own even if it’s a small amount like 1% increase per box that’d help a lot

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This system can’t keep asking for things without giving some sort of return. People wouldn’t complain nearly as much if they didn’t feel like they were always on the losing end.

I also don’t think duplicates need to be in PAID eSports packs, I think once you have a character, that one is no longer available in the pack.

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sometimes i dont mind getting duplicates though because thats the thing to get scrap you NEED duplicates but yeah for esports i think duplicates arent needed or at least take out the non-esport cards

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Another good point.

For eSports and paid packs, no duplicates, no non-eSports packs.

I think it’s crossing the line to have people pay real money and then give them fewer chances at getting a decent character because half of the cards are boosted with regular content.

People are paying money for a specific pack for a reason. The least TC can do is at least keep the RNG to similarly themed content.

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Honestly dont want to see it as then Gears will turn into something its not.

With Gears 5 being more open world ish, adding custom characters and trading will start turn the game into some open rpg

Ye, honestly I just want to pay a flat sensible fee like £15 for everything.

NO ONE should be paying as much for dlc than they did the game because the developer didnt put any characters worth playing as in the base game.

An esports central bounty would be amazing! Just as thank you gesture of good will for support like win 3 esc games and get 3000 credits ? Or win with the entire pack equipped. And you get one with EVERY PACK because you PAID.

Just use your brains TC I’m not a designer (I wanted to be :frowning: ) but whoever thought “colour blast everything” wasn’t either.

Indeed, but as for the credit bounty TC will think 3000 is too much but i reckon 1000- 1,250 should be ideal.

Ye But I think 2000cr should be fair as a max out. Just because most people who play competitively play private and therefore can’t earn credits even though they’re scrimming or are on gamebattles.

So then they don’t have to grind in order to afford one single pack from the regular packs.
I kinda wanna trade in my scrap for credits and vice versa sometimes. Just options.

Honestly I want a truly in depth character creator that would shame Halo:reach and anyone that ever played that knows how specific you could customise your own image and how rewarding that was and you could work up to it too.

Dont think character customisation is even remotely suited for Gears. Because every character in game is tied with Lore in the Gears Universe. Plus we already have boring generic character voice lines already, we will only just see bunch of custom characters saying the same thing with the same VA. Quite boring imo.

I basically see it as a default base and you can pick your dialog whether it’s dizzy or carmine or whoever youve unlocked.

Lore isn’t as important in multiplayer, I don’t play as Dom to identify as him, I do it because he has the coolest armour.

And it’s 100% how epic designed the locust in gow1/2 remove a shoulder pad and chest plate, tint the helmet you now have a beast rider. I Just want options it’s not as bad as gow3 where everyone was either baird or Savage kantus but the selection is boring and I want more from my triple A developers.