I got cheated :\

I saw that the Coalition came out with the Esports Greatest Hits pack with the favorite Black Steel Characters and so on. I obviously had to finesse this when I got 2 out of the 5 Characters EVERYTIME :. It really sucked because they were the Characters I really didn’t want. This doesn’t have to do with anything I just wanted to complain and look stupid for wasting my money on that pack :joy:

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I was just looking at this pack and wondered to myself how often that happens to people. I’ll buy an E-Sports pack for $9.99 if I’m guaranteed a Black Steel Carmine but beyond that I’m not gambling away my money.

Yea man it sucked. I got the either Myrahh or Baird

These lootboxes are awful. I get that they are attempting to basically have the non esports crowd pay for their events, but man I HATE not being able to straight up buy what I want. It’s like playing roulette at the casino but instead of knowing your odds going into it you have to play blindfolded.

I love the new laws in the EU and other countries requiring the odds be disclosed. I wish the US would follow suit. Then ppl would think twice before buying these. If you knew the odds of getting your black steel character were 1-50 boxes you’d stay away…

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I know better now man. Thanks for the info! Wise man won’t follow in foolish footsteps twice. Well i know I won’t ! :joy:

Starting to get real tired of these threads popping up every time a new Esports pack drops. Like, come on, you know what these packs are. Enough.
Hopefully Gears 5 will have a better system, until then, relax.


Trust me I feel ya. Those skins are TIGHT!!! Knowing I can’t get them without throwing big cash at them keeps me away though. I just told myself I’d wait until I can buy them straight up without a game of chance or not get them at all.

At least with the run the jewels pack you knew what you were getting. Make a $25 pack with all of the contents described and I very well might buy it lol!


Yea man Lesson learned :joy: Definitely looking forward to what they do with Gears 5


i bought one pack and got the one character i didnt have which is the black steel UIR, but i sacrificed my first born for good RNG so it doesnt count

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Black steel superstar cole is hardly a greatest hit. Doesnt even look that much black steel to me. The other 4 though are surely a hit. I have them all so havent bought any. I doubt Id even buy esports 10… havent played this game is 2 weeks :confused:

Same, 3 BS Bairds ( I needed him because previous pack where he was available I kept getting BS Cole) & a BS Superstar Cole. I wouldve liked to get Myrah & SK but they ain’t worth the money at this point. The risk of dups are too damn high.

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I got the following:

  • 1 Black Steel Queen Myrrah
  • 1 Black Steel Savage Kantus
  • 1 Black Steel Classic Baird
  • 1 Black Steel UIR
  • 3 Black Steel Superstar Cole
  • 3 Graffiti Emblems
  • 1 Sundered Emblem
  • 1 Graffiti Emblem
  • 1 Emissive Gnasher
  • 1 Graffiti Hammerburst
  • 1 Console Hammerburst
  • 1 Hypo Enforcer
  • 1 Emissive Snub
  • 1 Blood Omen Boltok
  • 1 Console Boltok
  • 1 Graffiti Markza
  • 1 Console Markza
  • 1 Sundered Markza
  • 1 Emissive Retro Lancer
  • 1 Graffiti Retro Lancer
  • 1 Sundered Dropshot
  • 1 Console Dropshot
  • 1 Ivory 8 Ball Embar
  • 1 Graffiti Longshot
  • 1 Green Longshot
  • 1 Black 8 Ball Longshot
  • 1 Sundered Torque Bow
  • 3 Escalation Victory Bounty I
  • 1 Escalation Score II

Disappointing, I only wanted the Emissive Lancer, believe it or not.

I understand these packs enough to know not to expect much, but the Bounties and the “8 Ball” skins are just insulting.


Duplicates on something you paid for and only getting a selection of 3 cards and one of them even having a possibility of being a craftable bounty is ridiculous

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Esports packs should really be only esports content only. For bounties why cant they introduce esports pack exclusive bounties like 500 credit competitive victory bounty.

Better to have esports focusrd bounty than general bounties.

Imagine you could trade cards or characters?

if they did that they’d have to put a pre-set system in place to prevent player scams though like a legendary for a legendary or 2-3 epics and not any real money involved

i wanted the black steel uir but i dont want to get cheated cause i have a feeling i will be

you honestly have a better chance of getting her now than from her original pack since esports pack 3 doesnt give a guaranteed character

Good point, though they should allow trades for an equal amount or something. Say I want to trade a legendary with a friend, we can. Real money items wouldn’t be tradeable.

exactly although i think they’d still make it something like you can only trade black steel skins for OTHER black steel skins so friends cant trade them to others so they get them for free