I got bored and did a thing

Respect your friends david

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Heard of it, never watched it.
The Strangers really terrified me, probably cuz we lived out in the middle of the woods and I was always scared of something like that happening lol.

Dark Skies (2013) - The ending twist is revealed early in the movie when  the two children discuss "the Sandman" : MovieDetails

this scene right here, it always gets me.

I havent watched the movie in like 6 or 7 years and I dont plan to anytime soon.

I need to watch.
You see Hereditary? That one scared me more than any other movie.

I had recently watched scary stories to tell in the dark lol, not a bad movie.

Ive never watched Hereditary though.

As for Dark Skies? its not a bad movie, its basically a typical “ghost” movie but instead with aliens, but im telling you those aliens are the reason why I dont watch Alien documentaries lol.

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I’m ready for Halloween kills later this year

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That was honestly better than I was expecting. But the ending was pretty garbage in my opinion. It was basically a long Stranger Things episode set in the 60s.

You will not be able to sleep

Basically me with Signs as a kid. That movie freaked me out about aliens.

Never cared for the Halloween movies. I found the original to be fairly drab and the sequals not much better. Also, the Rob Zombie remake was awful.
Personally, I am hyped for when Spiral comes out on streaming. Always loved the Saw movies.

The slow walking lady screwed me up that night lol. but it wasnt bad.

Nice :smiley:

Oh I watched Signs, I liked it. sorry I had to look at the cover of it, those aliens didnt freak me out as much but they were still disturbing.

Signs had its moments. But it doesn’t have the same effect on me as it did when I was 10 lol.

Id have to rewatch Dark Skies again, I wonder if itll still freak me out.

I did watch the conjuring movies recently and they were good, I was never a scary movie fan but im starting to warm up to them.

@TC_Clown @GMBR1990

I don’t have a bandana, but I can wrap ■■■■ around my head too!

I’m a cool kid now!


My homie…the neck beard

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Yes I know. I need to shave.

I’m working right now, so my neck beard fits right in thankfully.

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You’re a chad


What am I?