I got banned for no reason

I got banned for no reason whatsoever! Wanted to play a game then all of the sudden before the game even started; got kicked, than I’m banned… please help with suggestions.

Do you mean suspended?

You probably got suspended, due to quitting/lagging out of versus game.

I wonder if he made this thread for his first 15 min suspension ever?:thinking:. Will we ever see him again? :thinking: @BroodierAlloy75 any guesses?


I hope that’s not the case. I remember when I got my first ever suspension (lagged out) and it wasn’t nice. I dropped down my ranking even further than I thought :joy::joy::joy:.

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Yeah you got suspended for something

I’ve had this issue enough times (not in operation 4) to build up a suspension of 16hours. The game has its issues, best bet is to submit a ticket if you feel you were unfairly penalized. Especially if the suspension is 4hrs+. Hope this helps