I got banned because apparently the lobby dissolved

I haven’t played a ranked match since they updated the Gnasher again as i’ve been busy. Played a ranked game this morning with a friend, Gnasher felt quite good at times, usual doughnut teammates, nothing out of the ordinary.

Queued up for another ranked match, about a minute passes and we get put into a game, sat in the pre-game lobby while voting for a map and i get the lobby dissolved restarting matchmaking message and the game removes me, the game then starts searching again and about 5 seconds in says i have been removed from the game. I get kicked back out into the main menu and when i try to search again it says i’ve been banned for 15 minutes.

I got banned because the lobby dissolved, which is BS, but here’s the thing, the lobby didn’t dissolve because my friend never got removed from the game or even saw the lobby dissolved message. He was still in the game and i got replaced by another player. So nothing weird happened on his end, and the game started normally but i’d been kicked out and then received a ban for the game kicking me. I’ve never had a ban before, because i never quit.

Also surely if i’m party leader and i get removed from the game, he should also be removed?.

I’m hoping this isn’t a common issue now, i like how TC are trying to punish quitters, which i’m all for, but i hadn’t quit this game and i received a ban for 15 minutes because the game told me the lobby dissolved, which it hadn’t.

Please fix something in this game TC, please. I’m struggling to want to be a Gears fan right now.


Nope, every time someone has this issue when I play with a group we all have to individually back out (yup stupid)

It seems like you got hit with the 15 mins because of the 2 lobby dissolves. The issue with this is the TC cant tell the difference between a dissolve and actual quit, been like this since 4

The lobby only dissolved once, but only for me, the game continued for my friend and i got replaced.

I also saw a lot of games restart in Gears of War 4 but i never even once got banned on that game, i don’t think it’s the same issue to be honest, this only happened since the most recent update to ranked.

Oh well, it what it is.

I just read it wrong, I thought you got 2 dissolves in a row which would actually explain the 15 min ban.

Lucky you lol I got 5 server disconnects in a row that ended up with a 5 hour ban

Ive seen people complaining about this since launch, TC turn off penalties for like a week and then the problem came back

I havent really played ranked this Op but had something similar in Op 2

Yeah, i don’t know, thought i’d play a couple of games with a mate this morning but i guess the game had other ideas.


This is a common issue

Same thing happened to me straight bs except we both got kicked an got suspended

It did that to me yesterday. But I was greated with the if you back out you will get a penalty message right after a lobby was dissolved. I just left anyway and have not played scince. I dont want to get a buildup of quitting history because I got a 15min one the previous day for the game crashing at the end of a match leaving me no option to rejion after it finally relaunched.

If the game cant even stay up and running then the ai ban hammer can’t tell who quits and who’s game quit working. Lets just stop handing out bans and fix the ranking system to actually 0 out a game with quiters.

There’s some “Party” bug, if the game is searching and you restart search sometimes it will says cannot bring party members … something to that effect… except I’m playing solo… I just got suspended for restarting match making when no games or loading game screen shows tonight 3 times… there’s an obvious issue… The penalty in game code should not take effect until the game has been in play for 5-10 minutes… or something to prevent this annoying issue … an prevent penalizing players who have not even started a game…