I got a question

Does anyone know what the effects of active reload on all the weapons? Would be nice to know!p

Off top of my head I know gnasher is extra bullets. No extra damage.

Most rifles are little more damage, and accuracy. (Same with boltok)

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I’m sure the lancer recoils a bit less, booms hot used to be a bigger explosion but not sure on gears5. Torque bow let’s you pull the bow back faster

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Alright thanks man

I think the boom does more damage as well during active. At least it does on Escape.

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and increased fire rate obviously (i.e. lancer, boltok, etc.).

Full of malarkey dude…active reload with Gnashers does not give a damage boost and that is true! Extra bullets…Wrong!

who says it did…?

I wish TC would post a list , bc they don’t really say to often , but thanks for the info on some guns

Extra bullets was meant in terms of how many the gnasher reloads, not that the clip itself gets larger. Normal reload is 3 shells and active reload is all of them I think?

It does reload six shells rather than three when you active. Have we been playing the same game?

I love when people think they know things…its cute lol! I just did it. Go into any versus match. Fire all 6 shots and hit that active. 6 bullets loaded. Now fire and do not active. Guess what…6 bullets loaded! " I see you laying on your back staring at the roof of the church preacher telling the truth and it hurts!"

Yep, and what I’m trying to say is when you do hit the RB and it doesn’t hit the “sweet spot”, it reloads three. So…


Yep…and you’re wrong! Tap RB and sweet spot or no you still reload 6! Not 3…


Yeah …but actually no.

Ah crap atted you in the wrong thread before. This is the one where you’ll need to help me regain my IQ @OnyxCrimsonBlur

You reg reload for 3, active for six.

You are the wrong one.

Ok…watched a youtube video…3 reloads for the Gnashers. Hit Active 6 shots. Automatic reload 6 shots. Non active reload 3 shots. Either way…still no more active downs with Gnasher which is a good thing!

In PvE modes, Campaign, Escape and Horde modes, perfect active reload gives damage boost too.

In PvP like Versus and Ranked, perfect active reload gives Gnasher full round magazine, increases Rifles and LMG’s rate of fire. And probably some additional effects on power weapons like faster charge on T-Bow, bigger radius explosions on Boomshot and stuff.