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I give you......The Freedom Lancer

You can say the same thing about the chainsaw lancer. It’s nothing like the Original Lancer aka the retro
The recoil is nowhere near the level of the retro and it has a bayonet

Freedom Lancer is the what I will be calling it from now on.

Gotta deliver some freedom to those Hills.


Overpowered? I think the rockets are actually a little weak to be honest, which I’m fine with considering it can shoot active lancer bullets too.

so awesome…

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I have to say i had a bit of trouble learning the rocket launcher and how to target it so F -Yeah

Damn that’s so friggin dope. I wasn’t able to use it in the tech test, wish I could’ve.

Well you’ll see

More like the F U Lancer, cuz that’s what it’s about to do!

Can make it work though, Freed-Um :+1:

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I love the smell of freedom in the morning!

Hahaha… I was crying laughing while watching this video. I will only refer to this as a Freedom Lancer from now on! Well done!



I thought this was fitting. Couldn’t find one without text, though.


Thank you. Glade we here at the freedom liberation association could make you laugh.



I unlocked this lancer v3 in the test but didnt know what button to press for the launcher :laughing:

It’s a pick up weapon. Unless that’s what you meant?


I could have photoshopped that picture for you after work.

People think that the Freedom Lancer is OP. I disagree to a degree. Freedom Lancers’ are only semi-OP in open sky maps and only certain locations on closed maps. Also, it does have a giveaway sign to opponents. Whenever you see a red beam suddenly appear, you know it is the Freedom Lancer about to launch a missile.


I appreciate that. Now if only we could get TC to make it into the American Omen skin set. :grin:

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(They took er jobs!) ------ Thumbs up if you get the reference!


It’s not red. It’s blue. Even if you’re on Swarm team. At least it was blue in Arcade as Swarm Drone.

Speaking of Freedom Lancering, that was the best thing about Epic being in North Carolina: They had access to just about every gun imaginable and could record the real audio on the spot to put into previous Gears games.

I doubt TC sound engineers are firing Mossbergs into watermelons out of their Can’tadian office windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

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