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I give you......The Freedom Lancer


:joy::joy::joy: dude TC should totally use this as an ad.


I think its hysterical…please feel free to share with you friends

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That’s awesome! I got to use it once in the Tech Test and only got one kill :rofl:

I love this gun. One of the best things about it is if your using the lancer part and someone kills you 90% of the time they wont pick it up because they think its the regular lancer


I’m proud to be an American


I know all the words to de colores :wink:

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Matt & Trey! :grin: Imagine a Cartman skin.


i hope the weapon lockers recharge the launcher ammo, if so this is going to be my main for well… probably all horde matches.

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Gonna need an Overclocked Locker with three Freedom Lancers. Cos 3 rounds of Grenade Launcher would run out too fast. Or maybe not with Explosive Launcher Capacity / Assault Rifle Capacity. We’ll see.


I love it. I have 2 mods calling it the Freedom Lancer and the games not even out yet. This 1s gonna catch on



Look at all of those liberated hills.

Such a beautiful sight


Now we just need TC to officially change the name.

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Ok that was awesome and all but why is the GL Lancer dubbed the “Freedom” Lancer now? I’ve seen it in multiple threads now.

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Because it liberates hills!

…and it sounds 100x better.


While I can see the funny side to this(and my brain already got some ideas on this “Freedom” thing about the new Lancer), it’s not something I’d use myself.

The name, that is. The weapon? I’ll certainly use it to rain some hell, death from above, Mortar style, on enemies. Or “freedom”, for you others out there.

I knew it was going to be that song before it played :joy:

Great video, what a ridiculous weapon.

Hopefully Uncle Sam releases as DLC.


Well nuff said.

However the players getting it from the freedom Lancer, should have some sort of notice… More than a sound just before dying. It’s a little bit to overpowered right now. It’s disguised as a Lancer silence as a sniper aiming like a torque exploding like a boom with grenades.

The only thing missing is fire on the ground and a big cloud of smoke stunning it’s surrounding

Awesome Op :+1::sunglasses:love the music

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I don’t even understand why they call it a lancer. TC should’ve designed it differently, called it a different gun that the cog made because the rate of fire is completely different and it has a GL. Kind of a missed opportunity for creativity imo.

All the cog rifles in the game don’t have to be variations of the lancer yah know? There’s already like 4. With the custom and mk variants and the P lancer. Now gl lancer. Bit lazy.

Although I DO like the “freedom” part. Obviously that’s the community tho. The community comes up with better stuff than TC does.