I get sick from the camera Shake

IS there a Mod ?

So that it will look like this? (Mod edit: Edited link to the correct time)

Edit: Couldn’t remember how to do it on mobile, thx @GhostofDelta2


lmao looks like they were in a car accident.

I’m all for removing GL/Salvo camera shake but the boss shake makes sense, It’s suppose to be more difficult.


No, i wish there was a disable button for it. It was so bad on gears 3 it would give me a headache.

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Users can now disable camera shake in PvE going up to Advanced difficulty”

I don’t know if this will help you or not but figured I’d share just in case.


Lol I remember when Beetle showed me this. It’s ridiculous. And funny.

Wow, he’s in Earthquake :rofl:.

I don’t like how your camera man clearly ate it and you just keep running, smh

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Funny how there’s a thread about disabling it, right after an Op dropped that announced you can now disable it in it’s notes lol.

I laughed so damn hard at this lmaoo

It bothered me greatly while playing Campaign, once disabled it was tolerable.

But you can’t turn it off completely, it would make things easier than they should.

Try gears 3 and see how fast you vomit from the camera shake

Tried beast mode again after so many years and when I started roadie running it looked like an earthquake hit my screen

Its in pvp too, unfortunately.

It is honestly mental that there is no option in 2022 to disable camera shake in PVP its awful.