I found this topic on TrueAchievements about Gears 5's achievements

You can read the article if you want, but I want to debate about 2 quotes from Andy McKenzie, senior multiplayer progression.

Quote 1:

“According to McKenzie, there are a few achievement hunters on the team at The Coalition who have shaped some of the game’s achievements. One former team member in particular was apparently vital in the making of the Gears 5 achievement list. “Nobody was more important to the process than our former community manager, Liam ‘Octus’ Ashley.” If you’ve been active over on the Gears forums or on the Gears subreddit, you’ll probably recognise the username TC Octus, who kept everyone up to date on everything Gears. “He is a seriously passionate Gears fan combined with an achievement hunter, and his input was invaluable.””

I am an achievement hunter too (I tried to unlock every achievement of every game that I play, but I don’t play any game only for achievements, I play the games that I like (or sagas, like Gears. I’m still wondering how I’m playing Gears POP!).

Anyway, as an achievement hunter I would never put grinding achievements, or at least decent grinding achievements, not re-up to level 50 and those assist + killing achievements.

So my question is: Is an achievement hunter and/or passionate Gears fan capable of creating these achievements? I know they want to mantain Achievers as long as they can playing the game, but it’s feels wrong.

Quote 2:

“There is a real art to making sure [achievements] are satisfying to complete even when they are quite challenging. Gears has a strong history of this — the 'Seriously’ achievements, for example — and is a balance we looked to continue with Gears 5 and will maintain in future updates.”

When I unlocked every Seriously, I felt what they wanted: Satisfaction doing something really challenging.

Gears 1, my first MP shooter. I was a noob, I didn’t play since start so I only found mostly pro players. I fought a lot for weapon related achievements, after that I just had to learn the way of the Gnasher for Seriously

Gears 2, I love this game, maybe a little more than Gears 3 (Ben Carmine and learned about Myrrah, the maps and horde). Getting Seriously wasn’t hard, only a matter of time, so I didn’t get the same feeling than Gears 1.

Gears 3: I got my save data reset 7 times, but seeing every Medal complete was truly satisfying.

Gears J: There was 3 Onyx medals that I had to try many times, but I liked it. Also, I fought against the Epic Reaper.

Gears UE doesn’t count for be a remake

Gears 4: I didn’t like it like the others, but I unlocked Seriously on time for the emblem.

Gears 5: It’s a shame that Seriously went cut only for streching the life of the game for Achievers. Also, I don’t want to think about Part 2 requirements. Anyway, this feels more like a chore (Killing + assist) than something satisfying.

I prefer achievements like Mass Effect (1) and Split/Second. They give me something for my efforts (buffs on ME, decals for my car on Split/Second). Even getting Seriously emblem was nice, sad that they did it timed.


A bunch(I would say lot but not sure if factually accurate) of the Gears 5 achievements are just pure grind… not proper achievements through challenge. Unless a totally mindless grind or extremely excessive requirements almost impossible to attain through regular gameplay are considered “challenging”.

Am I just glad I don’t hunt achievements besides select ones like doing a Campaign on its highest difficulty setting because I want to try beating the challenge it provides, after my experience with Gears 4 and trying to get them all(I ended up close, around 3,500/4,000 but some of the dumb Vs stuff put me off from trying further). Currently no motivation to get any Reups either… initially I didn’t want to bother with those at all even, after the Gears 4 Wings(I only went as far as 5). And just play for the fun…

I hope if they create further achievements they put more thought into them like playing in a different way, as the Escape one for a Master hive with only melee(though it appears to allow grenade usage). Not just “Go grind some more kills/damage/XP”.

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I am an achievement hunter and completionist and want to 100% every game I play (not crappy games, just the games I like).
The grind is getting too much for me so Gears 6 will be played on an alternate account.

It’s sad, I know.


I’m in the same boat but honestly won’t even bother with 6 at all. If I play it I will want to get the achievements so I just won’t play it. They have such a little fan base and they are killing it even further with these insanely grindy achievements.


Best bits

“Nobody was more important to the process than our former community manager, Liam ‘Octus’ Ashley.” If you’ve been active over on the Gears forums or on the Gears subreddit, you’ll probably recognise the username TC Octus, who kept everyone up to date on everything Gears. “He is a seriously passionate Gears fan combined with an achievement hunter, and his input was invaluable.”

Well, for those of you who were hoping for some respite from the grind, we have bad news for you. McKenzie tells us we can expect a range of difficulty in future achievements coming to Gears 5.

We don’t need anymore achievements in Gears 5.

I’m not a completionist, but it’s an artificial way to keep a game alive.

Achievements should flow through normal gameplay over a long period of time.


I wouldn’t mind more achievements as long as they don’t require more grinding.

It’s almost amusing how they messed up the achievements so far as well. Every achievement-drop in 4 was exactly 500G. And after the first drop in 5 they promised to address the odd-values and change them in the future. That went out of the window apparently and now it feels like they just throw a dice for the values and release them like that.
Fits in with their overall " Who even gives a ■■■■"-attitude.


I was actually doing my last 5k kills for the 100k kill achievement while my friend seen this article on TA, i now have 100% on gears 5 (atm)

All of these achvs have been fairly easy to get while just playing the gm naturally except for reups, versus only kills, assists and damage done. Regarding these achvs it just shows me how poorly they think about getting ppl to play the gm and continue to play it.

The waste a load of time on bloodsprays and banners, like whens the last time u actually stopped n looked at a bloodspray mid match??? This time should be better spent else where.

Everyone wants maps, lets see what op5 brings.

Its a year in and they still continue to waste time tuning pvp, yet i dont think they have ever mentioned fixing the teleporting enemies in pve.

Even the gamerscore for they 3 stupid AF grindy versus achvs is pathetic, 20gs for each is a complete pisstake, u get 50gs just for doing all year 1 hives which u can just run, yip 50gs for running🤣

Cant wait to see these thought out achvs for CHAPTER 2.

Another thats annoying is these retro active achievements, like why bother adding achievements if ive already achieved it. Its totally pointless.

Give us achievements that r interesting and fun.

I gave up on chevo’s back in the early days of 360 when I realised my time was too precious to accept challenges layed down by lesser men


Eh i just cap my goal of achievements on a game to 40. So long as I can get 40 achievements from the game I can happily continue life without the need of worry for perfection.

Humans aren’t perfect, why do they keep wanting us to achieve the unachievable?

Supremacy. The only thing men of power seek in the real world.

I just want to enjoy the game for fun lol

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I thought these forums were toxic, man those forums over there at TA are rough as heck Achievement hunters over there think they are entitled to easy gamer score but they will never admit that. I’ve said this a few times before that although I do not mind going after achievements, I do believe that they hurt the gaming enjoyment. Remember those good old days where you just playthrough a game and had fun and even played through it again?

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Maybe if the achievements were actually difficult to obtain and not mindless grinds…

And these days a lot of people seem to be overly focused on that next “goal” to grind for. And then they wonder when they rush through to the max within one or two months why devs add ridiculous goal posts that they then still get within another 2-4 months.

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Yeah but, the kills isn’t grind IMO. If you play the game for a while, you will eventually get it. Worst case, cheese it. You want a grind? Red Dead Redemption 2, tracking down all the animals and skinning them and 100% the game for achievements is a grind. That was pointless stuff to do. I still did it though.

I don’t really find the Versus kills and damage very appropriate. 100,000 kills, I don’t know whether that is really great to do when you are not playing Vs often and/or don’t get 50-100 kills every match. And 100 million damage when it takes several to even get 70,000 for the objective playing KOTH? Those kinds of numbers are appropriate for PvE modes, not PvP. Of course, it’s intended to happen through gameplay and for the “hardcore” players… but who actually plays Vs enough to actually get that much damage and kills? Not many. Unless they grind it out, which isn’t really “playing”.

The Reups are still much, much worse though. I guess the point is just to make it clear to TC that just adding more grinds or achievements of things people have already done isn’t really an “achievement” if it’s not a challenge.

I don’t think these achievements are ment to be achieved in just a few months, but in like two to three years. I always figure that people who are perfectionists always think too quickly about it and rush to get it done as fast as possible instead of continually going a steady pace. I remember seriously 2.0 being the case back then in gears of war 2.

I don’t really know if this is the instance for these, but driving patience into getting 250,000 Assists in versus in several months sounds Unhealthy to me.

Oh wait that’s what you mean. Oops

That’s also sorta what I meant. Of course the Versus achievements are not as bad as this but some things are ridiculously bad with their attainability through regular, non-grinding gameplay. Case in point(is that how you say it?), it’s not humanly possible to get the Reups done with no grinding at all for a lot of people right now(me likely included).

Unless there is people who would play this game and torture themselves with ~250 days of Master Horde(total playtime, and including variables which are not going to be met every match, so realistically it would be even longer) from Reup 0 level 0 to Reup 50 level 100 over the course of whatever many years it would take. If they even reached that before Gears 5 ends. Some have thrown themselves at this grind to get it done within 4-6 months in Gears 5. Or up to a year.

It pains me to say this but I don’t plan on playing it at all unless the mindless grinding stops. They’re simply not going to get my money.


Yeah, was maybe thinking the same, just watch the campaign on Youtube is also a possibility.

With every game, the grind increases. I just hate to imagine what’s next in the next Gears.


Can you honestly say that you only want to play Gears games? Nothing else, just Gears.

As someone who enjoys the story and PvE, and is a bit of a completionist, I do want to play Gears. But the thought of playing only Gears for 6-9 years (or more) is not fun. Case in point, Gears 4 released Oct 2016, 4 years ago. Since then we’ve seen 4 different titles come out, Gears 4, Pop, Gears 5, Tactics. Gears 4 was a grind and most of the 3 years after it launched was spent playing Horde to level up, that grindfest came to an end just before Pop & Gears 5 released. I still have 2-3 years of grinding on Pop to reach max level. I’m still grinding on Gears 5. Luckily Tactics was not as bad and I was able to complete it and get back to Gears 5.

I’d like to get back to the “good old days” when a great title would come out, you’d play it 3-4 months, then switch to another great title, and eventually come back either just for fun or because a DLC pack came out to bring new content released.

If a game is actually good, people will continue playing years after it releases. For example, Rainbow Six: Siege released in 2015 and has had no achievements added, yet it is consistently near the top of most played games month after month.