I found a glitch or easter egg in gears 4

So I’m playing gears 4 campaign and this happens to me. (Check video description)

It’s been a while ago since this happened, what do you guys think went wrong?

Wow, is that a shortcut? Maybe it is! :smile:
Maybe the switching weapons animation glitched while you were falling.
Though I don’t think it’s an Easter egg

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Seems like more a glitch than EE as I beoieve TC said most of the EEs if not all of the majors ones at least been found.

yeah was hoping to get luck with that being something to find but still cool in the least.

It’s a glitch.

ive tried to dupe these actions to get the same result and ive not gotten it to do it again yet.

Then its mostly a glitch, not something that is a big deal.