I feel slow and my actions feel delayed on my game

So I’ve been playing gears for a long time. I’m 22 and currently trying to get better at the game, but my controller feels slow, and my inputs feel like they’re not registering as quickly as they should. I’m using a regular wireless controller, but I use a USB cable to keep it wired so my actions can be faster. However, there will be days when I’m right on the mark on the actions and when they’re supposed to happen, and then there are times when it feels like I’m playing a 10 ton character. If anyone has advice for this, please, any help would be great. I’m no pro, but I’m trying to be better.

Maybe you have the Corona virus and its affecting your abilities…

However, you have described Gears in a nut shell.

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As @ExcaIibur says its just gears, u get good days, u get bad days.
Hopefully mostly good.
I first noticed things like this when playing quake 4 online many years ago. It was host based and when u were host u could turn so much faster n shoot instantly n do damage, not host sucked, rubberbanding like nothing else, turning so slow.
Host with a railgun was deadly.
Sigh… I miss quake 4…

It’s probably the connection. Servers, lag comp/net code, blah blah. Also possible some of it is in your head but probably not.

While it’s not related to connection, a proper gaming monitor with super low input lag does help in all situations and is far superior to most if not all TVs in my opinion.

If you’re gaming on a TV make sure it’s set to gaming mode to reduce lag and make sure it’s always set that way.

Hi. You could be describing me here. I suffer exactly the same, although what you described can happen in a single night.
Overall I’m probably average, maybe a % over that, maybe!
Get me when I’m playing ok/well and I think I do pretty well, certainly do not discrace myself. However when I’m off I am really OFF, like someone who is playing Gears for the first time. And without being conceited I’m better than that.

One thing I have noticed last few weeks is I’m getting tha lag symbol in the corner of a match daily now. I’m wired connection with Virgin Media so not sure why this is happening and if it is partly causing some of my glaring inconsistencies from match to match.