I feel like the ranking system needs adjustments

I could be wrong but it seems like this games ranking system is based upon kills per second, I definitely dont think that should be eliminated but I think we should add more to it . If you look at reality the highest ranking officers have time served plus knowledge, like I can play a game of gaurdian and keep up with every one , I can kill the leader 3 times and my k/d is 6/1 but the people at the top are like 14/10 they have way more points but with out the sly things I’m doing we wouldnt win the match at all, both the person racking up kills and the person using his sly tactics combined win the match both parties have equal value but the only person who gets any recognition is the person at the center of attention in the battle, in real life ranking of soldiers is the exact opposite of what’s shown in this game, no ones job is more important than another’s. So shouldnt the people getting a good k/d and achieving the ultimate goal like killing the leader get more recognition? It’s kinda sad that I can play all day long and win 90% of every match but still not go up in rank because I’m not at the burnt oc the battle even tho I’m doing an equally of a job